Paramore’s Hayley William Responds to Justin Bieber’s Alleged Copycat-ing Artwork


Justin Bieber’s BELIEVE artwork (Left), Paramore’s Ain’t it Funny – Artwork mocking (Right)

Paramore’s lead vocalist Hayley Williams responds to JB’s ‘We Were Born for This’ with ‘Believe’ parody art.

As we reported earlier this week, Justin was accused by Paramore’s fans of stealing Paramore’s “RIOT” fan-artwork.


Hayley sticking out her tongue up top? Paramore’s Twitter tweeted it Tuesday afternoon, adding: “limited-edition ‘Ain’t It Fun’ singles coming soon!”

  • Turkey2turkey

    Wow she is so childish gosh my cousin justin didn’t even know tht her cover on tht song looked like his


      shutup. He aint your cousin. If he were, you wouldnt even say my cousin justin

      • Turkey2turkey

        Bitch I go to his house and call him th do shutup

    • :D

      Sure, you’re his cousin. In what world tho?

  • jf9f6

    Justin stop copying people!

    • me

      yah i totally believe he knew.. nd that girl is hilarious that was a really smart idea.. love u juwstin but be original please..:*

  • Belieber

    this is stupid. now paramore copied justin’s album cover. wow.

    • wassup

      She joking stupid.

    • Aiden Motionless

      You’re so freaking stupid -.-tt Paramore had the album design way before Bieber.

  • Nicki

    I like both of them. But why Paramore? Why would you steal Justin idea….

    • Sophia

      Are you serious?! Why would they copy this artwork? It’s not even that nice. They have their OWN artwork, an ORIGINAL one. Not one they lifted off of a Tumblr User. Justin may not have copied that artwork but that was made FOR PARAMORE by a PARAMORE FAN. and get this, he didn’t even give credit. This idea isn’t even worth stealing.

  • ivan

    Big deal! They are just looking for attention. They only have a fraction of Justin’s followers. By the way, Justin DID NOT COPY the artform from Paramore. Paramore said it himself on tweeter.

    • Sophia

      Seriously? You believers are seriously butthurt. Can’t you take a joke? They were obviously not serious about that and just giving their fans a good laugh. Seems like you believers took it TOO seriously. Every single time a celebrity talks/mentions Justin, butthurt believers will immediately conclude that he/she is only looking for attention. Followers?! Competitive douches! At least their fans are loyal and actually like them for their music and not looks! And to prove that they’re loyal, the Paramore fans immediately noticed that Justin’s artwork lookedf a lot like Paramore’s. Yes, he did not copy. BUT that artwork was made by a Paramore fan FOR PARAMORE. And you know what’s worse? Justin didn’t give credit! He just lifted it off of Tumblr user and thought that no one would notice that. Paramore is a band. Tweeter? You mean Twitter? Not only are you believers butthurt sore losers, you beliebers also have a low IQ. Get your facts straight before defending your idol.

      • Angelica

        Us beliebers took it seriously only because we love Justin, so shut the f*ck up. Not all people get there English right, so what if a fan says tweeter maybe thats there way of saying it. Not all of us like’s him just for his looks, So what if we do anyways? U MAD OR NAWHH ?? Oh BTW its not believer sweetheart, it’s BELIBER. Most of us BELIBERS,(<<just making sure u get that in that small a** head of yours) love Justin because he inspires us with his music, OUR fan base is much bigger than urs also. We defend our idol for a reason, and no we don't have a low IQ, and just letting you know YOUR ALSO DEFENDING PARAMORE ! SO THAT DOSN'T MAKE YOU ANY BETTER ! Im a fan of Paramore but that they did, is just showing how childish they are! so F*CK OFF B*TCH !

      • diel

        Uh the f did you say, “Sophia”? Beliebers have a low IQ? Sorry I don’t think so, and that’s really childish of you to say that.

        And that Paramore is joking… ? Sorry it isnt funny.

  • Lailani

    Uh Justin is very original

  • Sarah Bieber

    Calm the hell down. They are just playing around. I thought it was funny

  • Hannah Bieber

    ok first of all he did not steal their artwork . its way different . she has gone too far -.-


    why is she saying justin took her song first of all the song that justin came up with is way different because the song that justin made is called we were born this way they just need to shut the fuck up and move on its just a song like get over it if you guys look at the cover of justin biebers album you will see that they stole the cover of justin biebers album soooooooooooo they just need to shut the f up beacuse they coyed it


    Paramore is team of boors !


    Justins still looks better so haha :p (bitches)

    • Sam

      lol You’re kidding, right? I love Justin as much as the next girl but c’mon! You seriously can’t take a joke so you resort to competitions based on attractiveness? What are you, six years old!? Looks aren’t everything. In fact, most hot famous people turn out to be complete douchebags because of their egos so the more ‘normal’ you look, the better. Looks fade, talent and personality do not. Jesus, grow up.

  • davron

    idea for ”we were born for this” came 5 years ago! How he can copy it?!

    • Belieber4ever

      No it didn’t!

      • Sam

        Uh just to play Devils Advocate, the Born For This song by Paramore came out in 2007 and was written then too, so unless Bieber had the song written before he even had an album out yet….

  • keller

    Hilarious, oh how I laughed(not)

  • Get a life!!

    WTH?! Y u guys fighting? It’s funny reading your comments…. Lol!

  • Belieber4ever

    I know right!!

  • Sam

    Uh, before everybody pushes their heads up their own asses, this is coming from a chick who’s accidently posted topless photos of herself before. Thus, she probably has a sense of humor. This is probably done in jest and from what I’ve heard and read, the band members seem to be in good faith with pretty much everyone they work with, so calm down, get your panties out of their bunches, and laugh at a good joke. I doubt they care, it’s just an album font thats similar, it’s not like he ripped off their song. This is obviously just a joke. I’m sure Justin’s man enough to see that and have a laugh, so why don’t yall? Jeez, why so serious.

  • Danoman

    Wow justin copied the text and it was for a mix tape. These little assholes paramore are lame. Never even heard of riot before.

  • Chrissy Bieber

    Wow. What a childish bitch.I cant velieve i used to be her fan. Its sad haleyhas such a miserabe lpersom to have to get back over a song cover. Tht was a stupid and cbildish move. Lets see how man fans she looses now tht bitch

    • Sam

      Probably none because unlike you people, I’m sure she AND Justin can both take a JOKE. You people are way too serious. You guys are the reason people hate on this fanbase, because you lot piss and moan and shit all over anybody who even dares speak against Justin, even if a harmless joke. Get the hell over yourselves.

      • Sophia

        Yeah! People don’t hate or say negative things about Justin because they don’t like him but because of the annoying beliebers who will go apeshit on you just because you said something bad about Justin. They take things TOO seriously. They NEVER admit that Justin made a mistake and instead, make excuses for them. One day, humanity will be flushed down the toilet because of all these stupid obsessed people.

      • John Deer

        AMEN SISTER!!!

  • #BettyWhite

    The covers don’t even really look alike. .

  • zari

    So damn childish! Watch the media blow this into something big for no reason!

  • Angelica

    Paramore is being such a b*tch about it,like give it up, yea so what he took it. That just shows, they mad about it. Just F*ck off about it and leave it alone it happened already, but no Paramore wants to be the jealous bitches they are and do something about it.

  • Angelica

    They just wanna be childish -.-. This goes out to the girl who sticking her tounge out, ‘Put that tounge back in that mouth of yours, You ain’t cute so stop, you and all them boys wanna be mad about it, all he did was take a picture he found, what if he didn’t know it was yours at first, you don’t gotta be a little baby about it’. I just wanna smack them all so bad DON’T BE A B*TCH ABOUT IT JUST CUZ HE TOOK ONE OF YOUR DAMN PICTURES!

  • Azaria

    It’s funny how Justin Bieber fans can’t take a joke when Justin himself is a HUGE jokester. Honestly you all need to stop bashing on Paramore for joking about the whole “stealing their artwork” thing. Justin doesn’t like people hating on others, especially his fans. If you’re a real fan then shut up and laugh about it. If anything it’s a more a homage to them than anything.

  • wgaf.

    you all look so stupid arguing over this… who gives a flyiing fuck. honestly not a single person on this planet is perfect so who the hell is anyone on this planet to judge another person. all of you are going crazy over regular people. so they sing, they are famous, but they are still human. you all need to think before you make fools of yourselves on the internet.