Rob Lowe Reveals Justin Bieber’s “Dark Secret”: Fans Don’t Give a Sh*t About His Music


Unlike many celebrities who’ve weighed in on Justin Bieber’s recent troubles, Rob Lowe (50) has a little more insight into the pressures of being a young star.

The former teen idol tells Oprah:

I have tremendous empathy. He makes really good music, he does, but I think he knows the dark secret, and the dark secret is 80 percent of his audience doesn’t give a sh*t about the music. And he knows it. It bums him out.

They care about lemming-think, and their girlfriends and who’s oohing and aahing and screaming. It has nothing to do with what he’s doing as an artist.

He is the guy who is standing in front at a moment that they’re going through a developmental thing. It’s natural, it’s all great, but if it wasn’t him, it would be somebody else, like it was me.

Watch video below:

  • Lailani

    Um, he’s old. What does he know.

  • Lailani

    A lot of his fans do care About his music

    • boo

      Yeah a lout of fans do care about him

      • #1belieber

        I love his music AND him.

  • Lailani

    He’s truly amazing guy. Why the hell would celebs dis justin they don’t even know him personally

    • bieberfever#1

      he wasn’t even dissing justin! what are you on about?!

      • Lailani

        Um hello in general. Moron. Other celebs do dis Justin Seriously I wasn’t even talking About Rob Lowe.

      • Aiden Motionless

        Ayye, @bieberfever#1, if you hadn’t noticed, Rob was telling Justin of, as well as other celebrities who think they’re the sheiit.

  • Lailani

    Justin is hot with all his cars.

    • Shani_Belieber

      Prove his point much?

  • Lauren

    I think he has some points because he was famous and knew but I think a lot of fans do care about his music because he’s talented and makes good music but I do see where some fans only care about the drama….

  • Belieber for life

    I’m a fan and all I care about is Justin Music its all I really listen to.


    One thing’s for sure, good looks can definitely overshadow talent in that industry. But it’s not the audience who doesn’t care about his music, it’s all the media outlets that cover him. He’s money in their pockets. You force feed his fans (the public) enough and some will start to care more about the drama than the art. I personally think he’s great!

  • Xavier bieber

    Im a belieber and i absolutley 110% love justin and his music

  • Belieber

    Huh? his beliebers care about his music. So u cant say 80%. Its his haters who dont.

  • lambor500S

    I love the music, Justin and that tiger tattoo.
    Also, I hope Justin and Selena do a tour together.
    Much love!

  • Belieber Forever

    all of his fans care about his music other wise they wouldn’t even listen to his songs. That guy is way wrong about that. He doesn’t know justin like we do. Justin knows that we love his songs and care about his music so that guy who said we don’t care about it can stop being so hurtful to the fans. Us beliebers care a lot about his music. He can’t just say about us. Its rude and i hope that guy doesn’t say anything like that ever again.


    iam a fan and i care about justin soooooooo much and the orther fans care about the drama but i will always care about justin

  • Biebs

    So he thinks we only care about Justin’s appewreancr that’s not true….well I don’t know other belieber but I love him of his sexy voice and his music

  • Hannah bieber

    Ummm I care a lot about his music. He’s the reason why I smile. He doesn’t know anything about us

    • Lailani

      A lot celebs that dis him. Only talk out of there ass.

  • Lailani

    Haters only talk out of there ass.

  • Lailani

    What does he know. He’s old. Times have change


    I’m Belieber and I’ll be Belieber forever !

  • Noor

    His true fans do care about him and his music .

  • Lisette

    Really I think wht he is saying is bit true. I’m a belieber, but I love him for his music. I could care less about his looks right now. People ask me why I love him…which is a personal matter, but mainly cuz his music has helped grow into someone I never thought I’d be. I understand his problems and I felt he was the only one who understood! His music makes me wanna just go and make music right now! I don’t give a damn if u or any other person don’t like his music, but respecting the fact Tht he is doing wht he loves and as an musician/artist is all I would ask. Justin likes to listen to whatever he can get his hands on and make a little mix of his own. Which shows how much he loves it and even though he is at the top…he wants to get better and better. He won’t stop. And I think that’s one of the great things about him. An when i think of a true artist it would be someone like him who just keeps going and going non stop and making a difference in theirs n others lives.

  • zari

    Such as mother f*****g lie !! The fans don’t care not use beliebers.We are more than what they credit us for

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I’m a Belieber & I do love him for his music & his looks! When I first saw a home-made poster of him in 6th grade, I thought “Who’s Justin Bieber?” At first I thought his last name was Bi-eber so when a friend of my sister’s was listening to Favorite Girl, I loved his voice & I asked who he was & she said Justin Bieber. So then I looked him up & I was like “Oh, it’s Justin Bieber, he’s so cute!” Then I started to listen to more of his songs & saw his story & I was inspired to follow my dreams. I still love who he is today cuz I love what he does for the Beliebers & even people who might not know him but do now. A year later, I found Austin Mahone by typing in Grenade cover & that was the first one I saw. So I clicked on other vids & I liked his voice even better. Another day I saw a vid with What Makes You Beautiful & then I wanted to see who they were & when I saw it was 1D, I checked how they got famous & I was like “I saw Niall saying ‘hi’ to Justin when he was interviewed on the X Factor in 2010 & I didn’t know!” Lol

  • Belieber 4 life

    To be honest he is kinda true

    • Aiden Motionless

      If you were really a fan you would shut the hell up and be positive instead of negative.

      • skeptical

        It irritates me so much when Beliebers refuse to see any faults in Justin or his fanbase. It makes us all look like idiots. If you look at the comments page of ANY other story on this website, most of them are about how hot he is. No one says “oh yeah and his music is nice too.”

        Rob Lowe has a good point. He’s not hating on anyone, he’s just pointing out the obvious.

  • Shani_Belieber

    Yeah, we dont care about his music, thats why he’s 10x vevo ceritifed and has the diamopnd award, scuse me?!

  • ivan

    Most care about his music and looks; some only like him for his looks. If they see another ‘cute guy’ pop star, they leave him because that’s all they care about.

  • nunya

    Think about it. If Justin was fat and bald and sang the same tune as he is now he would not be popular. So everything is based on his looks.

  • Chris

    Personally I love a lot of his music, don’t like all of it but there are defintely ones are really great. But honestly it’s not just his music that makes me a fan, it’s that I support the guy because he started so young. He’s going through a rough time and I like to see the up’s and downs and I know he’s a good guy at heart. He gets way too much crap from people, he’s a human being in the stages of growing up, he’s not Jesus. No one can expect him to be perfect, it’s unrealistic.

  • nicki

    He’s wrong. I give alot about his music, its inspires alot of his beliebers. And we do the same for him. luv you.

  • amirhosseinn

    i care about his music and i love jb
    mind your own business old man