RUMOR: Justin Bieber Consider Moving into Selena Gomez’s New Mansion


Selena Gomez recently purchased a $3.1 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills and it seems the luxury mansion might not just be for her, as she wants ON/OFF boyfriend Justin Bieber to move in with her, according to reports.

A source told HollywoodLife:

The real reason Selena bought that $3 million mansion in Calabasas is because she wants Justin to move in with her. She is trying to persuade him to move back to the LA area and leave Atlanta all together.

But will he do it? According to the source, Justin is keen on the idea.

Justin is actually considering it and for now will stay with Selena whenever he’s in town. Before Selena purchased the house, she consulted with Justin and they both agreed on the one in Calabasas.

This weekend Selena picked up the Favorite Female Singer award at the Nickelodeon Choice Awards and sparked rumors she and Justin maybe engaged after she was snapped with a ring on her finger. Though these claims were later denied.

They are not engaged nor are they getting engaged anytime soon. It was nothing more than a fashion choice.

The ring was a gift from Justin. It’s not an engagement ring, but they are back on and very serious.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Hannah bieber

    I doubt it he will want to bcuzz he had too much problems there

    • Lailani

      Justin is made for her. There like Romeo and Juliet

      • Jujubee1996

        I hope not cuz that story didn’t end well….

    • Lailani

      I hope they move in together.

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I kinda hope that the new house isn’t in the same neighborhood as Justin’s last one cuz the last thing we need is more drama from that guy who was his neighbor! But I hope Jelena enjoys their new & hopefully better relationship.

    • Lailani

      Everyday I’m in love with them

  • jdb

    if this is true yayayayayayay! I LOVE THEM

    • Lailani

      They look so in love with each other.


    I dont want him to move in with her :(
    But if it makes him happy then,ok :l

  • lambor500S

    Why not until Justin decides whether or not he wants to move back to LA he could just stay with Selena, that would be cool for the both of them. Also, there is another rumor out which I hope is very true . Justin & Selena Touring together. Please both of you make this happen. Tickets would sell out the same day they go on sell. It would be such an awesome show. Both of you would gain so much if this happens. I would definitely make that concert.
    Much love to the both of you!

  • essie j

    in her dreams lol if he wanted to live with he would have done it 2 years ago ;)

  • nicki

    He don’t want to go back to L.A. In her dreams. Justin don’t want to live with her. Like he said he want space, quiet and to be away from certain people

  • Joyce Senft

    Love u Both, Make your own decision,Will look forward to u singing in a duet, Take some time for your self’s Good Luck

  • Belieber

    I kinda doubt it because he wanted to get out of cali. because of problems, and seem more low-key in atlanta. He’s better off to be in Atlanta.

  • rb

    So we all know that Justin egg case in California is ongoing, right! Because of the possibility of Justin having his door broken down and being placed in handcuffs by LA’s finest, it would be foolish of him too return to California right now. If the evidence is strong enough for a warrant, he will be able to walk in with his attorney without the embracement.

    1. If Justin lives with her, Justin’s friends won’t be able to live with them. Selena will not let that happen because it’s her house.
    2. She doesn’t want to live too far from her family and friends. It’s been reported that Justin had stopped house hunting in California, and he was never house hunting in Atlanta.
    3. Selena’s net worth is 16 million reported by Celebrity Net Worth. She now has to pay: 1st house worth 3 million: AL city tax, county tax, and state tax. 2nd house worth 3 million: outrageous Homeowners Association monthly fees, County tax, and State tax. Upkeep on 2 houses. This is a state has one of the highest taxes in country. You can go broke quick! Speculative facts.

  • rb

    It’s obvious Justin’s weakness is Selena, and I have feeling she’s going to be subpoenaed many more times or Justin is going to be asked in a deposition about her. It looks like the ordinary couple need too quick pace to Las Vegas and get married. A bigger planed wedding will ensue. Justin buys Selena that 7 million dollar rock, and they continued their career as a married couple. You can’t testify against your spouse. Yes, there are other celebrities that are happily married and have a successful career.

    • rb

      Why they should get married.


    • Lailani

      They so are made for each other

  • nandra

    If Justin stay with selena in callabas.. I really hopes the new neighboorhood not like the old one …. I wish they will welcome justin with a happines

  • Lailani

    They so are meant for each other .

  • Lailani

    I’m so in love with them. My favorite couple.

  • Drake Bell

    Like that’ll last.
    Justin is not man enough to propose to Selena.

  • Leah

    selena needs to stahhhppp she is so thirstay. move on with you’re life girl

  • Kadia Chamime

    I am in love with them ♥