Selena Gomez Spills Justin Bieber’s Secret: “He’s Sex-Obsessed” – Rumor


Selena to spill Justin’s secret!!

She is reportedly terrified that she will ruin her relationship with Justin forever if she is forced to reveal what she considers the awful truth — that Justin is “sex-obsessed.”

A source tells the Life & Style Magazine – April issue:

Selena thinks Justin’s sex-obsessed. She’s actually caught him cheating.

Selena could reveal that he likes to watch porn and has a fascination with strippers and hookers.

OMG.. this story has gone too far!!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Belieber

    I feel like this isn’t true.

    • ME

      idk.. i feel like its real even though it scares me but hes a horny teenager .. its kinda normal

  • Turkey2turkey

    Could ppl plz jst leave my cousin alone gosh it’s not true

    • Lailani

      There full of shit. The media and tabolids.

    • Lailani

      Justin and Selena are so sweet on each other

    • danielle womble

      wait you and Justin are cousins

      • Turkey2turkey


      • Lovely

        Rly?!? Can u pls tell Justin that I love his music and that me and my gf are huge fans.

    • Tristin :)

      Justin is your cousin?

      • Ocean

        It’s not true.

    • Tristin :)

      omg that’s amazing that Justin is your cousin . this is dumb but Im tristin im a boybelieber andJUstin inspires soo much I have a bone disease and it’s dream to meet him. Will u talk to him for me

      • Birk

        Tristian, don’t give up hope in meeting Justin. My advice is to try to get your message to Scooter Braun, who could help you out. Usually what people do is make requests through organizations that grant wishes. Or maybe try social media, I know some Beliebers have joined forces and made a appeal for Justin to visit a sick fan, just like what happened to Kate O’Neill in Australia. I hope you get your wish in meeting Justin.

      • princess

        Dont wry tristin … One day he will meet u … And rememb er we lv u … Stay strong and dint give hope … Lv u

      • Tristin

        Thanks so much for the encouragement it .eans alot will u help me , meet Justin

    • Ocean

      Oh please. You naive and gullible people. He is not your cousin. You made that up. Don’t believe what people say about being a relative or friend. It isn’t true. Stop posing and start living a life, morron. Justin is NOT your cousin. Get a freaking life, idiot.

      • i love my belieber family.

        @ocean then you can Turkey2turkey in Canada if u don’t believe him Turkey2turkey is a part of justin family. And a very loyal dedicated cousin. And pattie is his aunt.

      • Ocean

        It’s not true. How old are you? Will you believe any person that says Justin is their nephew or distant cousin or friend or himself? No. That shows how naive you are. Gullible as well. Stop believing in those people. It gets you nowhere. Unless he proves it, it is NOT true. Use your brain to process that, because it shows how gullible and naive you are for believe sh*t like this. I will say once more time so you can learn a lesson from this, because Justin is not the Justin you easily find on Facebook. His account is private, it is impossible to find him. Once more time so you can read me loud and clear: IT IS NOT TRUE. HE IS NOT HIS COUSIN. HE IS A POSER. Understood?

      • deadandbroken

        And you would know that this isnt…how????

    • Hgcmhgdhmghmgchmgcmhgfdhghgchgxdhc,guys

      He is your cousin? SUCKER!!!

      • Ocean

        It’s not true.

    • Kidrauhl

      Thanks for the supporting comments guys ;-)

      • Vanessa

        That’s fcked up if she tells on him what kind of girlfriend is that and I don’t care how u act I will always love u!!:)I will always be a believer!!

      • Ocean

        Poser. Justin wouldn’t post here. Get a life, loser. You are not the real Justin.

    • 4everabelieber

      he is NOT ur cousin!!!!!

      • Ocean

        Thank you. As I said before, with this girl agreeing, he is NOT your cousin.

    • Jamie Smith

      Not you cousin, liar.

    • Belieber

      Your not his cousin. Your just a little bitch that wants attention. STFU.

    • kathrin

      He’s ur cousin

  • Nona

    lol, if this was true, selena would never ever meet justin again. *they just met a few days ago.*

    • Lailani

      The media and tabloids always makeup lies and rumors

  • Mrs Drew Bieber

    All these rumours about Justin are stupid, unless you’ve heard from him personally or a close source don’t judge him from them!


      I agree with your opinion .

  • Belieber


  • Hannah Bieber

    Wow more lies. If that was true she would’ve never got back with him in the first place -.-

    • Lailani

      All they do is lie and makeup shit.

    • kelly

      yeah of course

  • rahul

    i think all this is a plane everything frm drug to dreag racing to make him fall but dont forget aslong as we r there he is never going down

    • Lailani

      Justin and Selena are so adorable and cute together

    • Lailani

      All they do is lie and makeup shit. Tabloids are the dumbest people

      • Hgcmhgdhmghmgchmgcmhgfdhghgchgxdhc,guys

        Justin is stupid too

      • Lailani

        No he’s not. Fool. Justin is amazing.

  • lindsey

    Haha so what if he watches porn… That’s what guys do al guys are sex-obsessed get over it twats

    • Lailani

      Not all guys. All guys love sports and of course girls.

      • Lailani

        Wonder what Justin thinks about this.

    • Lailani

      Justin is not stupid. He’s so hot

  • ibrahim s sesay

    dat’s great

  • Bbb

    Bieber watches porn??

    • Lailani

      He’s even got caught by his boys watching it.

      • Birk

        So what if he did? It’s not a crime.

      • nikky

        Omg!!*Justin makes me wanna puke

    • Kris fondnazio

      I watch pornographic

  • boo

    Omg that’s a lie true believers know that’s a lie because if it was true selena wouldn’t be seeing him these past weeks

  • Madison

    I agree with you boo.

  • Justin.G.

    It is shit but I dont love Selena

    • Hgcmhgdhmghmgchmgcmhgfdhghgchgxdhc,guys

      Excuse me Selena is the best singer there is and Justin does not deserve her!

      • Jiley

        Selena is the best singer? HA that’s a laugh

  • Justin.G.

    It is shit but I dont love Selena!!

    • court15xx

      I agree I don’t love selena justin is my world

  • i love my belieber family.

    @justin.G. Wait You don’t love selena? Are you justin bieber? If you are selena is the love of your life at least that’s what I heard you say on love will remember. And why did you change your name from justin bieber to justin.G.? Justin G. Sounds like your married or engaged to Selena. Or was it just a typo?

  • i love my belieber family.

    @justin.G. I Kinda really don’t believe anyone would say this about you.

  • i love my belieber family.

    @justin.G. only true beliebers know the real You.

  • Believe forever124

    Really just leave them alone why so much drama hate the media

    • Lailani

      Justin is amazing and just so cute

  • Biebs

    I feel like this is another trick to try to destroy Justin but we will fix him

  • Believe forever124

    Just give him a break I really think all of this is going to far just stop gosh seriously.

  • i love my belieber family.

    Yeah I agree with you @Biebs.

  • Olivia bieber

    This rumour is bullshit I don’t believe that justin is like that

    • Hgcmhgdhmghmgchmgcmhgfdhghgchgxdhc,guys

      Well boo hoo to you Olivia Bieber it is time for you to know……. this rumour is true! ;(

      • Belieber


  • lambor500S

    This is fake. This month cover is kim kardashian in a 2 piece not Selena Gomez and the real Ok magazine does not have a big $2.99 on it.

  • lambor500S

    Some tabloid magazines are just as bad as media outlets. Because, if they have nothing to print they just start making up stories to sell their magazines. Hopefully one day things will change for the better for celebrities. Like Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner had some laws enforce for harassing celebrity kids.

  • nicki

    This is so unbelievable. She a lier and a bitch and I can’t see how people like her. Mmmm

  • Coley

    Even if he was sex obsessed I don’t see her complaining and she wouldn’t just randomly show up all the time so she can’t be that bothered

    • Birk

      Most guys his age get horny all the time, according to these clowns from this rag tabloid that must mean that most young guys are also sex obsessed!.. ROFL

  • Melina

    I just wanna know the real deal right now. Y’all saying if it was true, why she with him? Don’t u think she’s actually just with him to still get noticed around. And Selena she’s shady who knows, she might have, but then again might be rumors.

    • Jiley

      You got that right only reason why Whoremez is still around Justin IS for fame that is the reason only. I am pretty sure she’s probably using this as a “black mail” to keep him around. She’s shady.

  • bieber’s sexgod

    Even if this was true no one gives a f cus he’s a guy wat do u expect him to be like hes human so leave him alone and stop judging and saying shit .

    Omg ur Justin’s cousin !!!!!

  • ivan

    Life and Style has published wrong information many times about many celebrities. Gosspcop is always exposing them for their false stories.

  • i love my belieber family.

    @Tristan,I’m so sorry to hear that how are u doing? So your a boy belieber I hear? Well I’m one of the female selenator and belieber are u okay ;( wish I can hug u. Stay strong for me. U can get through this hard time I know u can….. do you have any friends????? If not I can be your friend. U must be lonely in the hospital all the time huh?does anyone ever come to visit u? I just want you to understand that you are never alone! I’m always here for you. ;( u just made me sad…..

    • Tristin

      @I love my Bieber family you are sweet, I’m fine I just I wish I could be there, to support Justin I want to be his friend and help him,its my dream. I hate how much pain he goes through I want to help him