The Making of ‘Confident’ – VIDEO


Music producer/songwriter Kenneth Coby (aka Soundz) breaks down musically how he made Justin’s smash single “CONFIDENT” featuring Chance the Rapper. The genius behind the madness continues to remind us that its all about the music!



“CONFIDENT” was written by Kenneth Coby, Maurice Simmonds, Chancelor Bennett and Justin Bieber himself.

20 comments on “The Making of ‘Confident’ – VIDEO
  1. Bieber Fan #1 on said:

    The beat was dope Jb inspires me and his real account on moviestarplanet.ca is justindrewbieber6666 i swear i asked him all the questions even his password for his twitter but he changed his password

  2. holy virus on said:

    Like this is the first time i have come to comment without seing,the one and only obsessed psyco, LAILANA with a billion comment already,she even coments out of the topic all the time.

  3. holy virus on said:

    For example,the topic would be like justin play basket ball with austin and she would be like I WONDER WAT JUSTIN WISPERS IN SELENAS EARS WEN THE ARE ALONE, like seriouly,she freaks me out(LAILANA),

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