The Rixton Band Response to Justin Bieber After Calling Them “Another Boy Band” – VIDEO

Justin Bieber and Rixton

A new UK boy band Rixton (consists of Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Lewi Morgan & Danny Wilkin) has caught the eye of music manager Scooter Braun, and Justin Bieber reportedly doesn’t like it.

Last week, Scooter posted tour dates for the Rixton on his Instagram page. Apparently Justin commented, “Another boyband yayyyyy.”

Justin Bieber Comment on Rixon

Scooter discovered the Rixton band in 2012, when they were calling themselves the Relics. After a name change and a bit of polish, they put out their first EP, “Me and My Broken Heart,” last month.

Watch the Rixton video response below. Jake has a very clear response for Justin and they share how the whole situation played off. Plus, is there a collaboration between Rixton and Justin in the future? Scooter Braun comments on the band and his only concern about their success so far!

  • hobojo

    he sounds jealous lol

  • Nicki


  • Belieber

    well, atleast they made it clear that he was joking

  • Lailani

    That’s cute that Justin was just playing

  • ivan

    He was just joking with them. He is friends with them. Anyway, they can be considered a boy band just like One Direction.

  • Hannah Bieber

    they kind of remind me of one direction bcuzz of their accents but yea I didn’t know who sang that song until I saw this then I knew who sang it . lol but im glad their good friends and that Justin was just joking but their still another boy band


    K im not saying that i dont like all the new boy bands that r out but theres too many!!!
    Theres Rixton,the vamps,15 seconds of summer,unionJ,and lets not forget about one direction
    Y r there so many new boy bands these days!
    And im not saying i dont like the new boy bands cuz i do like them
    Y boy bands? U could go solo?
    And theres no girl bands? Except for little mix but there not even that famous anymore :(

  • ivan

    When The Backstreet Boys were around there were a whole bunch of boy bands; most did not last long. We have even more now especially in England; most will probably vanish within a couple of years. How many fans can they have?

  • Belall ghazal

    Boybands get famous faster than solo singers, this is why there are a lot of boy bands, when justin came out he had to be cool in everyway, the songs the shoes, the haircut, the outfit.

  • ivan

    Since Justin burst on the scene 6 years ago, boys bands have come and gone and he’s still the leader in media buzz. His concert tour was one of the top 5 in 2013. This is in spite of the fact, they thought he would never last since they considered him like the Menudo boys one of the most popular boy bands ever.

  • Sam

    LOL These comments are hysterical. Justin makes a joke that could come off as an insult and most are going “How cute, Justin’s so funny!” yet someone else makes a joke in jest but instead its ABOUT Justin and suddenly majority of the fanbase becomes whiney and butthurt. LOL Hilariously hypocritical.

    • wow


  • Nidvipar

    ;( vat

  • Birk

    Speaking of boy bands… Doesn’t it seem like 1D have dropped off the face of the earth the last few months? I mean you hardly hear about them in the media lately. Justin was joking, he will support this new boy band if Scooter asks him too. We know Justin has a wicked sense of humor at times.