‘Ungrateful’ Betty White Talks About Justin Bieber, Chris Brown & Lindsay Lohan


Betty White may be in her early 90s, but that doesn’t mean that the Hollywood veteran isn’t afraid to sound off.

On Friday, April 24, she made headlines for her sit-down chat with Larry King, where she shared her thoughts on today’s troubled young stars like Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

Being in the business for so long, White has seen it all, including in recent years young starlets who burn bright, burn hard and eventually burn out.

I get furious, if you must know. I think it’s such an ungrateful thing to do. Do you know the millions of people on this planet who would sell their own teeth to do what we’re doing? And for them to think, ‘Well, I’ve got it coming to me. I’m a star.’

Betty doesn’t even think that the troubled stars of today deserve a second chance to turn things around, saying:

I just think it’s unforgivable.

As for whether or not Betty says she would handle fame the same way if she was growing up nowadays, she remained hopeful, saying:

It’s never something you did. You’ve always got to think of it as the privilege of the world to get to this point.

  • Turkey2turkey

    Leave my cousin justin alone

  • i love my belieber family.

    Ugly haters u guys need to back off jb doesn’t deserve any hate whatsoever leave him alone and let him live his life.

  • skeptical

    She’s right though. You owe it to everyone, including yourself, to stay grounded if you are lucky enough to make it this far.

    • Ana

      This is very true, but the same thing doesn’t apply to everyone. I think she should get to know Justin before saying something like this.

    • Lailani

      Pls give me a break she’s old and stupid

  • Lailani

    Whatever what does she know. She’s old and knows nothing about justin.

    • sophia

      It’s beliebers like you I hate the most. You see, ‘haters’ don’t ‘hate’ on Justin because they want to, they do that because most of you beliebers are butthurt. Once you hear something bad about your idol, you will immediately dismiss that opinion and go apeshit on that person just because of that one negative comment towards him. You make up excuses for all of Justin’s terrible behavior. It’s people like you that make people hate this fanbase even more. Grow up.

      • Lets b real

        Thank you!!!!

      • Lailani

        Oh Shut up. No one cares. STFU bitch.

  • Lailani

    She knows nothing about justin.

    • wow

      You are the biggest idiot I’ve seen on this website


    What is she like 100?!
    What shud she know
    Shes old any way

  • i love my belieber family.

    @wow I agree.

  • Belieber

    she doesn’t know justin or anything. Fame is a hard thing to deal with. You just gotta give the person another chance and maybe they’ll be better. So i disagree with her.

    • Justine

      I agree that she doesn’t know justin but im pretty sure she knows about Fame shes been famous since te 1950’s

  • Hannah Bieber

    I disagree with her because Justin is going thru a lot with the paparazzi, rumors,media, etc and its hard for him . I do agree fame has taken over him but she cant just say something like that without actually knowing him or knowing anything about him . she needs to understand its not easy being him

    • Lailani

      Wow, she’s a idiot and she’s old.

  • nicki

    She’s right, but that’s not for everyone. I that she should get to know him more before she judge him.

    • Lailani

      Seriously. Justin is a sweetheart.

  • biebster

    Old females r cranky!! This is an example…

  • #1belieber

    You should never judge someone you don’t know. Better yet don’t judge anyone at all. ‘Cuz you don’t know what their journey is like. Let them live and grow. Justn’s a strong person if he wasn’t he would’ve committed suicide by now. But we his beliebers and his inner circle have his back, being a teenager is hard enough but being a teenager in his position is a million times harder or even more. So this women has NO right to judge him ‘cuz she’s not him. Maybe fame wasn’t as hard to handle in 1950’s as it is now. There’s too much exposure nowadays. No restrictions whatsoever. She needs to understand that

    • Belieber

      you’re right

  • Francesca

    I don’t agree on what she says. And I can’t believe Justin is still labeled as a “troubled celebrity”. Seriously, all that bad stuff that Justin was getting into is history and it’s slowing down. He is getting better and better every day for the past almost two months. He hasn’t gotten into anymore trouble. What, are they still going to talk about all that crap for the rest of the year?! I don’t see him as being troubled anymore. Besides, he’s not as bad as Lindsay Lohan. Betty doesn’t know Justin personally so she doesn’t know what he’s been through. Even if she isn’t a Belieber, she should still show some respect for him. I mean Zac Efron defended Justin at the time of his arrest. Even though, I’m not really into Zac, I like that he respects Justin even though he’s not a Belieber. I just wish that more people would learn to respect Justin because he is a normal human being. He’s not a bad person like what the media portrays him as. I also wish that they would stop blaming Justin for other people’s problems. For example, they blamed him for Selena Gomez going to rehab and for destroying the friendship that Selena had with Taylor Swift. In reality, Selena went to rehab because she just needed some time away from the spotlight for a little bit and Taylor is just jealous because she’s always been single. I also think that Taylor is being too harsh on Selena and I think that she and Selena should still be friends.

  • If you

    Don’t know who Betty white is you are an idiot. She’s the best comedian that has ever hit and is still alive! She’s hilarious and is an amazing person. And she’s been in the business a longgggggg time. So she knows what she’s talking about. And it’s just proof all of you are like 8-12 yrs old if you don’t know who the famous Betty white is. I bet justin is crying bc betty white isn’t a fan of him anymore cause he’s a fan of her. Haha GET TO KNOW JUSTIN. Morons

    • And your

      Only come backs are “stfu ur so uglayyyyy” or “omg stfu u dumb bitch u stoopid” or “OMG U DONT EVEN KNOW HIM BACK OFF” ya neither do tou