250 Justin Bieber Fans Attending Kim-Kanye Wedding in Florence, Italy -May 24


Beliebers attending Kim Kardashians & Kanye West Wedding, hoping to see Justin Bieber.

Italian Beliebers are swarming the Forte Di Belevedere in Florence, Italia, where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are tying the knot after lavish pre-wedding celebrations in Paris (May 24).

According to People mag, about 250 beliebers – and two ambulances – have gathered outside the 16th-century fortress hoping for a peek at Justin Bieber, who sparked rumors he’d attend the festivities when he told an Italian journalist, “In a few weeks I will be in Italy.”

Apparently Justin isn’t attending the wedding, he was spotted at Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco (May 24).

He was in the neighborhood – sort of. Justin was photographed looking dapper in Cannes last week and later showed up in Monaco.


Do you think the Beliebers overshadow the Kimye wedding extravaganza? Should they have attended the wedding?

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