Justin Bieber Apologizes to South Korea for Visiting Yasukuni War Shrine in Japan, Again!

Justin Bieber Apology South Korea

Justin Bieber has apologized a second time for his visit to Japan’s controversial Yasukuni War Shrine, this time aiming at South Koreans.

Justin Bieber at the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan

Justin Bieber at the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Japan

Justin Bieber has offered a second apology for his unwitting visit to Japan’s controversial Yasukuni War Shrine, which includes 14 Class-A convicted war criminals who committed atrocities during World War II among its 2.5 million other fallen war-dead.

Although Justin stated in his previous social media apology that he “was misled to think the Shrines were only a place of prayer,” it was reported numerous South Korean news outlets were furious that only China and Japan were specifically namechecked.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote one South Korean news headline blasted, “Bieber Forgets Korea in Apology for Yasukuni Shrine Visit.” while the Wall Street Journal listed a raft of Korean Twitter users including one who said “Justin has lost all his Korean fans.”

In his new series of tweet apology, Justin wrote:

Found out that when i was in Japan I hurt my fans in Korea when visiting that shrine. That was never my intent. I love Korea. Im sorry.

I would never do anything to hurt my fans. I love all people. my heart goes out to the people of Korea at this time. love you.

I understand the responsibility of my position. i love all people. keeping it positive.

Love to all the #Beliebers around the world. Keep smiling.

Should Korean fans forgive Justin??

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