Austin Mahone Learns From Justin Bieber’s Mistakes, Choosing Selena Over Miley!

Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone has learned from Justin Bieber’s mistakes and isn’t planning to take that road moving forward in his career.

In reference to JB’s many controversial run-ins with the law, Austin tells CELEBUZZ:

I mean, everyone makes mistakes. I think it all comes down to having a good, solid team around. Like I have my best friends to travel with me, and my mom to travel with me, so I think I have a pretty good base. I think that’s what it all comes down to.

We were in the studio for about a week. And when we were in there, he was helping me with [my] music, and we were doing a little writing. He was just giving me little tips.


Justin & Austin have more than just music in common… Rumors also circulated that their taste in women overlaps, too.

When asked who he’d choose between Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, he immediately answered, “Selena.” No hesitation whatsoever!

As you may recall, earlier this year reports circulated that Selena and Austin were seeing each other during one of Selener’s many splits from Justin.

But during an interview with EXTRA (Feb 1), Austin denied the dating rumor: “No, we’re just friends.”

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