Barbara Palvin to Beliebers: “Justin Bieber is All Yours”, Denies Dating Rumor


After rumors ran wild that Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin hooked up in Cannes last week, the model is taking to Twitter to debunk the gossip.

In an attempt to assure Beliebers that she is far from a threat, the model wrote on her social media page:

“Hey everyone. Please calm down. He is all yours!!Please. Last time I’ll say it. There is nothing going on w him. I met him and did a pic. Wouldn’t u do the same? #friendship.”

This isn’t the first time Barbara has had to deny reports of a romance between her and JB. In late 2012 there were reports that they were romantically linked, although both denied it.

Barbara was allegedly become the first person to cause JELENA’s first breakup – right after Victoria’s fashion show in NYC.

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