Barbara Palvin to Beliebers: “Justin Bieber is All Yours”, Denies Dating Rumor


After rumors ran wild that Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin hooked up in Cannes last week, the model is taking to Twitter to debunk the gossip.

In an attempt to assure Beliebers that she is far from a threat, the model wrote on her social media page:

“Hey everyone. Please calm down. He is all yours!!Please. Last time I’ll say it. There is nothing going on w him. I met him and did a pic. Wouldn’t u do the same? #friendship.”

This isn’t the first time Barbara has had to deny reports of a romance between her and JB. In late 2012 there were reports that they were romantically linked, although both denied it.

Barbara was allegedly become the first person to cause JELENA’s first breakup – right after Victoria’s fashion show in NYC.

  • Smilesometimes

    To bad I ship them, but I love how she clears up the rumors

  • nw

    Correction: Selena broke-up with Justin before the Victoria’s fashion show in NYC in 2012. She keeps breaking up with Justin, and now she’s all broken up of her own break ups!

    • Smilesometimes

      Lol exactly

  • Bieber Fever

    Barbara is way better than selena will ever be.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Aww they wouldve made a good couple

    • Sophia

      They could’ve made a great couple, indeed. But sadly, most of you beliebers are too possessive and obsessed with Bieber. I’m thinking Bieber won’t have a serious relationship (unless he does a god job hiding it) because of most of you beliebers who are all up any girl’s ass for being seen hanging out with Bieber or having any sort of connection. Most of you beliebers would shame and even send death threats to ladies Bieber is linked to.

  • Madiena

    No he not Selena Gomez took him away from us and change his hair style.

    • Sophia

      Ever stopped and realized that at some point, Gomez genuinely made Bieber happy? Bieber will eventually marry a lady, have kids & form a family. Bieber’s human after all, he deserves to have a healthy and steady relationship. But sadly, that will NEVER happen due to the fact that he has crazed, obsessed & possessive fans. Bieber will never have a peaceful relationship with a lady because of all the shaming and sending of death threats you beliebers send to any girl linked to Bieber. If you truly care about Bieber’s happiness, you wouldn’t shame any lady or man who is linked to Bieber, may it be friendship or a deeper relationship.

      His hairstyle? Are you freaking kidding me? Bieber’s 20 and you want him to still have that mop hairstyle? If Gomez did tell Bieber to change his hairstyle, it’s pretty useless to complain about that now. If Bieber wanted his old mop hairstyle, he’d go back to that. But he didn’t which means he likes the current hairstyle he has. I think you need to get help.

      • me

        such a good comment

      • True

        True Sophia so you see it too

    • Lailani

      See, told you there friends.

    • bieber’s sexgod

      Yh we know Selena is possessive and a control freak but justin choose to change his hairstyle and u shouldnt really think about his hairstyle cus he’s the same Justin and that how we know u only care about his looks rather than his heart and personality so u flopped on being a belieber child

      • Lailani

        They were so good together

  • Sasa

    isn’t that her 2012 tweets?….

    • Sophia

      If those were her 2012 tweets then why is it news on this fansite and other gossip sites currently? Because it happened recently. So no, those weren’t her 2012 tweets. I, myself can’t find the tweets but perhaps she deleted them or something. But I’m sure that those weren’t her 2012 tweets. Please, use that thing inside your head (brain).

      • bieber’s sexgod

        U could be wrong cus this site updates so late I find things out before this site like 2 weeks before so ur false it depends but most of the time there late

      • S

        She posted this in 2012…when the whole thing happened at the VS fs smh.Get ur facts straight b4 u say things u don’t know

    • S

      Yes bae why is Sophia here tryna tell u that it isnt?

      • Sophia

        S, seems like there’s 4 sites that can prove that those weren’t her 2012 tweets. (This site, rumorfix.com, fansshare.com, thehollywoodgossip.com) Look at the dates on which those articles were published. The dates were May 27 2014 – May 30 2014.

        Who are you to tell me to get my facts straight when YOU’RE the one who needs to get his/her facts straight. And since we’re talking about getting things straight, maybe you should also get your spelling and grammar checked. Last time I checked we weren’t playing bingo. Learn how to properly spell ‘before’.

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Aaww they would have made such a cute couple :(

  • Birk

    I thought she was a good match for Justin actually.. She seems nice in interviews I have seen of her, and she is beautiful. Maybe she is trying to say that she hasn’t dated him yet, so don’t make it out like they have.

  • Chardy pearl

    Yea u go girl @ sophia am a beliber too but not a cracy fan girl who talks trash about any girl he wants to hook up with live him alone it his life let him leave it

    • Sophia

      Work on your grammar. :) But, thanks a ton for agreeing with me and respecting my opinion. :)

  • Sophia

    I appreciate all those who respect my opinion, became more open-minded and fortunately, agreed with me.

    Just clearing that I neither love nor hate Bieber. I respect him. But his fans are quite controlling and possessive. But of course, I know there are some decent beliebers out there.

  • ivan

    That’s great. He won’t be able to date anyone because that person will get hate; will we ever grow up and let him do what makes him happy and have the friends he wants?

    • Sophia

      Probably won’t happen. Knowing that most of the beliebers are controlling, possessive, obsessive, Bieber will probably never have a healthy and stable relationship. Most of you beliebers would intensely shame the ladies who are linked to Bieber (even if they’re just friends) (example. Adriana Lima. Look at Bieber’s IG post with her). And would constantly say that this girl Bieber is linked to will just use him for fame and his money.

  • Linda

    Here we go the same topic like always.

  • Lovexoxo28

    Too bad. I very like Barbara. And I think Justin and her would make a good couple.

  • Nicki


    • Lailani

      I so love Justin