Chantel Jeffries is Back! Spotted Leaving Justin Bieber’s Four Season Hotel in LA


Looks like Chantel Jeffries is very much back on the scene!! the blonde model, known with Justin in the weeks after Justin’s arrest in Miami trying to keep a low profile as she left the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, where Justin is currently staying (May12).


Justin Bieber flashes some hand signs as he leaves the Four Season Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

  • Coley

    No way

    • xelaine

      <3 LOVE THEM@

  • Lailani

    There friends. They aren’t even dating or seeing each other

    • Coley

      Just suprised I guess haha

  • Alyssa_medina

    people chill out u guys act like every pic that he takes with a girl or when it’s a girl leaving his hotel is supposedly his girl friend….

  • Hannah Bieber

    U see him hang out with a lot of other girls so it doesnt really matter. Their friends

    • Alyssa_medina

      omg thank you that’s what I tried to say… just because he Is hanging out with a girl doesnt mean he’s going out with her

      • Jdb

        Um guys not every girl he goes with goes to his HOTEL ROOM…. Well at least his Hotel, period.

  • Smilesometimes

    She’s really pretty and they’re friends, but you can’t deny they wouldn’t look bad together

  • im just beautiful me :)

    They are friends.

  • rb

    It looks like Justin is getting rid of his dirty laundry, and for what?

    May 6 Yovanna Ventura: Last day she was seen with Justin? She deleted the LA beach pic’s of her and Justin, but kept the Las Vegas pic’s and deleted the others on Instagram.

    May 12 Ashley Moore: She look dumbfounded? She haven’t been seen sense that day? No Instagram pic’s of her and Justin on Instagram.

    May 13, Chantel Jeffries: She doesn’t look happy and she’s in a hurry. She was never trying to keep a low profile when she was with Justin in Miami, Panama or Canada? She deleted all pic’s of her and Justin after the Canada meet.

    So, Justin went to a basketball game in Oklahoma; no Chantel Jeffries?

    • rb

      Wrong again: CeeJay ‏@ChantelJeffries
      Not repeating the past. No thanks. I learned my lesson

  • Believe forever124

    Did you heard That justin is accused In robbery

  • Belieber


  • im just beautiful me :)


  • aleena

    how can Justin be accused of robbery,hes so rich!

    • Believe forever124

      I know but it is stupid but of course it had to be from tmz

  • Birk

    Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t…. LOL So what if Justin had a fling once with these girls? I mean it happens and people can still stay friends.. These girls and Justin might be what they call “friends with benefits”. It’s not like he is in a relationship right now, he is single and can do what he wants.

    • rb

      CeeJay ‏@ChantelJeffries · 10m
      Not repeating the past. No thanks. I learned my lesson

  • Belieber

    theyre just friends



  • Lia

    What has gotten into him I heard on the news that he rob some lady cell phone out her bag.

    • Believe forever124

      You know what I don’t know either what is going on with him

  • believer loves justin bieber

    i heat when people say that justin is dateing chantel jeffries thats soooooooooooooo fucking dum you see the pic that she is walking and running but all you hear is that justin is going out with her and you see that justin still loves selena why cant people see that that just makes me mad as a believer you love jb and all you see is lies that hes dateing her for real if he was he wqould have kissed her and hug her but they are just friends i love you justin bieber sooooooooooo much

  • Mc4

    she cant be Selena Gomez, but she can become Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend or NOT it all depands on Justin.

  • rb

    If I had to put some of my life savings on Justin’s new relationship I would. Reading the tweets from Chantel Jeffries “Let’s enjoy the ride,” “Where will life take us?” I believe her and Justin are a couple. New beginnings! Thank you! No more games! No more drama!

  • zari

    Let the drama begin !*eye roll*

  • Nicki


  • Bonnie Taylor

    :/ they are dating