Don King: Justin Bieber’s Great for Boxing – Help Brings the Masses

Don King - Justin Bieber Boxing

The boxing promoter Don King loves Justin Bieber.

He was asked about Floyd Mayweather, Jr. coming to the ring accompanied by Justin and Lil Wayne last week, and whether it compared unfavorably to past champions like Mike Tyson who didn’t bring celebrities to the fight.

“I think it’s wonderful! Different strokes for different folks,” replied King.

He explained that Justin and Wayne help bring “the masses” to boxing and said he loves them both.

Don called Justin “fabulous” and “Americana” — interesting, given that Bieber is Canadian.

  • #1belieber

    Firrrrssssttt!!!!!!!! I’d LOVE to see Justin Boxing. He does have the body for it. lol.

    • Kidrauhl

      He would look hot in that ring, but I don’t want his face to be wrecked.

      • Lailani

        I know right. He’s just super hot.


    Well cmon who wouldnt like Justin :)

  • Belieber

    That’s great he likes Justin =) And he should do some boxing lol

  • Hannah Bieber

    Wow im glad he loves Justin but i dont think its a good idea for him to box. I dont want him getting hurt.


      I agree with you .

    • Lailani

      Justin is amazing and so adorable.

  • Birk

    Justin Bieber is American & Canadiana at the same time..LOL
    Nice to see someone say something nice for a change about Justin.

  • Lailani

    Justin should be a male prostitute instead so he can f*ck me all day long. ;)

  • Nicki

    I’m happy that he likes justin. I think Justin will like to try to box but I don’t want him to get hurt.