Drake Bell STILL Can’t Stand Justin Bieber – New Diss on Alleged Robbery


Drake Bell took to Twitter (May15) to criticize Justin (AGAIN), this time over his latest legal woes, following the attempted robbery investigation brought against Justin earlier this week.

“When will it end??!! Are we really STILL putting up with this?,” Drake captioned a shot of an article highlighting the Bieb’s legal troubles.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating a claim that Justin attempted to commit a robbery Monday night. While an LAPD spokesperson couldn’t confirm details of the incident, TMZ reported that it took place at a miniature golf and batting cage park in Sherman Oaks, Calif., where a woman said she took pictures of Justin, prompting him to allegedly snatch her phone and scream at her, causing her daughter to cry.

Justin and Drake Bell have a longstanding feud, mainly stemming from Drake’s comments about Justin on Twitter.

Justin most recently crashed Drake’s album release party and even teased Drake with cryptic photos on Instagram.

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