Drake Bell STILL Can’t Stand Justin Bieber – New Diss on Alleged Robbery


Drake Bell took to Twitter (May15) to criticize Justin (AGAIN), this time over his latest legal woes, following the attempted robbery investigation brought against Justin earlier this week.

“When will it end??!! Are we really STILL putting up with this?,” Drake captioned a shot of an article highlighting the Bieb’s legal troubles.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating a claim that Justin attempted to commit a robbery Monday night. While an LAPD spokesperson couldn’t confirm details of the incident, TMZ reported that it took place at a miniature golf and batting cage park in Sherman Oaks, Calif., where a woman said she took pictures of Justin, prompting him to allegedly snatch her phone and scream at her, causing her daughter to cry.

Justin and Drake Bell have a longstanding feud, mainly stemming from Drake’s comments about Justin on Twitter.

Justin most recently crashed Drake’s album release party and even teased Drake with cryptic photos on Instagram.

37 comments on “Drake Bell STILL Can’t Stand Justin Bieber – New Diss on Alleged Robbery
  1. #EMMA♥BIEBERxox on said:

    Cant believe that idiot actually thinks justin robbed some one
    Do people STILL like you drake
    So stay out of peoples buidness and mind your own

  2. Unknown on said:

    I don’t think it’s a new diss… it’s more like his basically saying why the media is still talking about bad stuff on Justin.
    nuff said…

  3. If justin got in trouble once and he always tweeting that he is sorry or whatever then he should not be getting trouble more then what he is now.

  4. ivan on said:

    Again, he wrote this in view of claim he attempted to rob woman of phone-completely untrue. The DWI case is full of holes with lies in the police report. He reads too many gossip sites. Drake Bell was one of the main people calling for Justin to be deported. Did not happen. Only a tiny fraction of 1% of the population of the U.S., 270,000 haters, signed.

  5. drake bell is desperate to keep his name up in lights. without Justin no one would hear about him. he is to be pitied.

  6. Belieber on said:

    Drake honestly needs to stfu. He never stops. He is so desperate for attention only knowing he can get it if he disses him.

  7. why would Justin rob someone when he has millions of dollars that makes no sense. Drake should just worry about his life instead of going into someone else’s business.

  8. Christian on said:

    Wow drake is irrelevant. He is to old to be cyber bullying. He is made because his career isnt what he thought it would turn out to be. He wants what Justin have. Who is going to hire him now. No one like a bully

  9. Casey bieber on said:

    I think drake bell needs to learn that jealousy gets u no way. And if he really doesn’t like Justin then why is he keep and talking about him. If u hate someone that Much u wouldn’t keep on talking about him

  10. #EMMA♥BIEBERxox on said:

    Hes jealous thats why cuz he knows that no one barely knows him any more and hes only known on nickolodean now
    And the only way he can get attention is when he tweets about justin bieber
    I feel sorry for you

  11. Birk on said:

    Drake Bell better keep his mouth shut considering he is bankrupt now, how else is he going to be able to support himself unless he starts robbing people or gas stations!

  12. Ariella on said:

    If Drake doesn’t like Justin he should just think of something else.It’s like they say if you have something mean to say keep it to yourself.I love Justin no matter what.If Drake thinks Justin a bit of a mean person then he should at least keep it to himself.If Drake will complain out loud then that’s rude and it’s like Magic!sai why you gotta be so rude you know I’m human too.Justin will ignore Drake and Drake will probably ignore Justin too :/ .I don’t know how it’s gonna work but Justin will just worry about himself,family and us fans.Drake will do the same if he can.

  13. BabyGirl Belieber on said:

    Drake Bell is jus jealous that Justin Bieber is hotter than him and has more fans than him

  14. Nicki on said:

    We can’t stand Drake either and we can’t stand all this BS is he talking. One day is going to regret all the things he said about Justin because Drake is going to need help and there might be no one around to help and he never know Justin might help him out. But all this sh*t he talking he might not.

  15. Nicki on said:

    Also Drake is jealous because Justin is much hotter than him and have all the fans and fame than him.

  16. nermine ( belieber girl forever ) on said:

    drak is jealous becoz he can’t be like our idol justin im telling you drak to still trying coz yoiu never ever let justin get down

  17. Belieber on said:

    Drake is just so desperate for attention. Dissing Justin is the only way he knows how to get it. Because obviously he’s a nobody.

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