Ellen Page’s Dream About Justin Bieber & Pubic Hair Nightmares – VIDEO INterview


The X-men star Ellen Page opened up to Conan O’Brien about her vivid and unusual dreams.

There’s the bizarrely detailed one about eating IKEA meatballs in the Canadian home of Justin Bieber, but what will really make you curious is the part where she talks about her nightmares, because all her anxiety dreams involve pubic hair.


Have you ever dreamed about Justin Bieber??

  • Hannah Bieber

    I dreamed about Justin a few times i think and that girl is really pretty

  • danielle womble

    even though i’m 13 years old and black I dream about me and Justin becoming a cuple how does the cuple name dustin sound?

    • munas

      I think that sound nice and it doesn’t matter wether you are black or white.

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I’ve dreamed about Justin a couple times. Most of them were random & I don’t remember what they were about. One was more like an image I saw when I closed my eyes, it was a white background with nothing else but us laying down naked (Justin was on top of me) & I had my hands on his back with my nails digging into his skin & I had the “oh” face. If you know what I mean… Another one was like Twilight were Justin was of course a vampire but he was 16 & it was weird cuz it was after he had already turned 17. I guess it was cuz I always said I missed his flippy hair so that’s how I still imagined him & I do miss his flippy hair sometimes so I hope he let’s it grow back someday.

  • Belieber

    Yes, a lot. I’ll name as much as I remember:

    1) He was auditioning on the Today show and I saw his concert.
    2) I got the girfriend fragrance but It was half empty.
    3) I went to his concert, but it was really far back and this big person was blocking my view(ugh).
    4) My class as a field trip went to his concert, but it did not even start and I was so close up It was a blurr.
    5) He was in the hospital and he had a seisure because his left leg trembled.
    6) We were on this RV with a lot of other Beliebers getting ready to meet Justin, but I saw outside of the RV and my dream ended before I got to go outside and take a pic.
    7) We were at school, outside on the computer (weird) and I saw my belieber friend from school watching video’s of Justin on youtube. And then, a person was like ‘you want to help me pass out these Justin bieber tickets’. So I did.

    Those are my JB dreams. I like dreaming ’bout him because you never know what you could dream about ;)

  • Birk

    I love Ellen Page, she is one of my favorite actresses, and Juno is one of my favorite movies… She is also Canadian like Justin.. I loved that at the end of the clip they showed a old picture of her that showed her looking just like Justin did when he was 15.. LOL

  • Lailani

    That’s just weird and bit bizzare.

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    I dream about meeting Justin or going to his concerts
    I Love justin and all but i dont dream about dating him
    Hes way older for my age so its wierd for me
    But if he was my age then i would date him :)

  • chunky bieber

    I dreamed about going to his concert and becoming the OLLG (i know its a 1 in a million chance but yeah) after he finished the concert he showered me with gifts :) … if thats gonna happen in real life i think i would die :)

    • Belieber

      lucky! lol

  • Oypa

    i am always dreaming justin

  • court15xx

    I’ve dreamt about justin but its one of them dreams where you can’t remember it after your fully awake I think its due to the amount of justinbieber imagine stories that I read haha but I still love him.

  • david conway


  • Hailey

    I’ve actually dreamt about justin bieber many many times an most of them involve sexual action idk why it’s pretty weird how I can actually recall them in an instant because of how specific they are

  • nicki

    I dream about Justin all the time. Sometimes they are romantic and weird.

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