Jennifer Lawrence Declined to Take a Photo with Justin Bieber at Cannes Party, Reports Says


Edited photo: Jennifer Lawrence (left), Justin Bieber (right) at Cannes Film festival 2014.

Jennifer Lawrence reportedly had a run in with Justin Bieber.

According to reports, after asking to meet Justin at a Cannes Film Festival party this weekend, the Hunger Games star reportedly shot down a request to be photographed with JB.

“I want to meet Bieber!!” Jennifer was heard saying upon arriving at the celeb-filled Vanity Fair and Armani party at Hotel du Cap in Antibes, France (May 17) is reporting.

Despite her wish eventually being granted by Vanity Fair employees, E! News reported that she turned down the chance to take a photo with Justin.

“She declined to take a photo with the Bieber because she just wanted it to be ‘normal’ when meeting him” reads the report.

While Jlaw-JB meeting was not captured on film, VF claims the A-lister’s meet-and-greet was a success, reporting, “We can confirm that they did indeed exchange pleasantries and that the party was made all the better for it.”

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