Justin Bieber Accused in Attempted Robbery – Cellphone Theft, Police say


Justin with a Castle Park security guard who was trying to calm the situation.

Justin Bieber has been accused in an attempted robbery, Los Angeles police said Tuesday night.

TMZ reports that the incident allegedly took place Monday night at Sherman Oaks Castle Park, a complex in the San Fernando Valley with miniature golf and a batting cage.

The alleged female victim claims Justin demanded to see her phone so he could erase any photos taken of his entourage, according to the report.

Justin allegedly grabbed the woman’s phone when she refused to give it to him.

The woman claims that after taking the phone, Justin demanded that she unlock the device to see if she had taken any photos. She eventually proved no photos were taken, TMZ reported.

She said Justin screamed at her and her 13-year-old daughter, saying, “You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here.” Her daughter then started crying, according to the report.

LAPD Officer Rosario Herrera told The Los Angeles Times that detectives were interviewing the victim of the alleged attempted robbery. Detectives have not interviewed Justin Bieber.


JUSTIN NEVER tried to rob anyone … he never even touched the woman.

The Sherman Oaks Castle Park employee tells TMZ, claiming she witnessed the heated exchange Monday night between Justin and the woman who was taking photos of him.

The employee says the woman was definitely the instigator, being overly aggressive and ignoring security’s requests to stop snapping pics. She says Justin was upset, but never got physical with the woman in any way … and definitely didn’t try to grab her phone.

Sources say Justin lost his cool because the flash kept distracting him while he was trying to bat.

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  • Rebecca Bieber


    • Lalani

      The tabloids are stupid and there aren’t that bright either

    • Lalani

      The truth is Justin wanted to see if the lady took pictures of him. And she didn’t. So he gave her back the phone.

    • Lalani

      Justin would never ever steal a iphone when he can buy one. There not that bright

    • Lalani

      Justin deserves privacy. and time to be with his family and friends.

    • Belieber66

      why would he do a robbery he has enough money to buy whatever he wants
      TMZ go on with ur stupid little lies, they always make me laugh
      at the end all that really is important is that we don’t believe in this :)

  • Oypa

    wawww leaaave him alooooooooooonee

  • Brianna Bieber

    I bet you this is just another rumor TMZ is trying to make up..I don’t believe in it and I’m not gonna either

    • Lalani

      TMZ are the dumbest idiots.

  • Ahmer

    How can justin do such a thing! :o

    • Lalani

      There stupid and there demented and freaking damn fools.

    • Lalani

      That’s not true. There stupid

    • Lalani

      Justin’s amazing and just adorable.

    • Lalani

      The media Are full of Shit and more rumors. There FCKing stupid

      • Belieber4ever

        Thts’s totally nt 2rue.. I mean sum people just talk rubbish!! ND thy should take a break’ >_< derps..!

    • Lalani

      Uh the tabloids are full of BS and lies. Nothing they say is true

    • Kris fondnazio

      Yeah and the daughter starts crying because he told email to get out of here that’s fucking rude to say to anyone especially a fan

  • Lalani

    TMZ are the Dumbest people ever. There aren’t to smart either

  • Oypa

    someone tell me if justin Okey or not he is in jail or what happening tell me pleaaaaaasee pleaaaaaaaseee

    • BabyGirl Belieber

      he okay its just fake they just want to make Justin look bad

  • BabyGirl Belieber

    justin would never rob from anything or anyone he is the sweetest guy ive ever knwn thy just trying to make him look bad

  • Belieber

    That is not true. Tmz defended Justin by saying she was repeatedy taking pictures and would not stop even when the security told her to. Justin got mad because he was trying to play baseball but couldn’t see. But he didn’t even touch her phone or anything. Damn. Love how the people love to lie about stuff. Pathetic.

  • Oypa

    waww @BabyGirl Belieber why they want justin be a bad person i hate the media why they can not leave him alone there are a lot of teen famous they just focus On him i am not happy at all :(

  • Sarah Bieber

    stop blaming tmz, they’re just reporting the news. If you go to their website, they updated this and it was the woman’s fault. Justin didn’t even touch her. without the media, you wouldn’t get a single news from your beloved idol you dumbasses. keep saying leave justin alone, what a joke. He’s a good person and it doesn’t matter what the media said, he will always be a good person, so why trip?

  • Lalani

    They have to be the dumbest fool.

  • Oypa

    @sarah bieber We don’t know the story so tell me and i hope justin he is okey but the media make that big deal and all people will hate him and i don’t want’ that happen we know justin is good person and our idol forever but all that things make him bad boy and of course he is not

  • BizzleBieber

    ANOTHER LIE BY TMZ!!But there’s one little flaw to your “plan”.Justin has a sleeve of tattoos on the back and front on his left arm,the guy in the picture doesn’t….

  • Oypa

    @Bizzlebieber Hhhhh How you see that because i don’t we don’t know the truth

  • Heather

    What he expect he a celebrity.

    • stringbiebs

      Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he can’t get upset about people in his face snapping pictures.

      • Lalani

        Uh Would you like cameras in your face all the time. And the paps up your ass. There annoying

      • Kris fondnazio

        Yeah he is turning into tobey maguire

  • ivan


  • Oypa

    @Heather but why all this drama why just Justin !!

  • Nicki

    LIES! :(

  • Hannah Bieber

    Wow thats a bunch of lies. Justin is too rich to steal anything. He would never beat up someone especially a female. This is a bunch of bs. The girl even said he didnt do anything. The media would do everything they can to make him a bad person. Wow this is absolutely ridiculous

    • Lalani

      The tabloids are full of BS and lies. Nothing they say is true.

  • lambor500S

    It’s about time there was a witness that seen everything and told the truth that Justin did not touch this woman at all. Instead of making up lies like that lady did trying to get paid. Because, of that witness it is going to help the cops drop this case real quick.
    Good job witness!
    I hope Justin do something nice for her.

  • david conway

    Lailani- please stop sending naked pics

    • Lalani

      What, uh that must be my poser. STFU freak. Why don’t you jump off a cliff

    • Lalani

      You must be talking to my poser. GTFO

    • im just beautiful me :)

      @david conway huge massive crush on u…… Sorry I couldn’t keep it in ever since you talked with me about being too old to be a selenator I liked u but old if I still do now because you aren’t young and that kind a bums Me out plus u are taken. (Crying. Hopefully we can be friends since your already taken by kalani who used to be with rod or is a belieber.

      • hayet22

        Being is a selenator is a matter of taste never age am 18 and am a sucker for her I fell in love with her ever s

  • beliebertilldeath

    justin is so rich himself . why do he have t rob… thats sooooooo fake and rude… the tmz has to grow up man

  • Gabby

    I am a Belieber and I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I don’t think you should post anything TMZ reports. They just give out lies about people that are obviously not true however some choose to believe them. Plz take my request into consideration. Thank you.

  • Sahil

    Feels bad how people try to make use of celebrities by speaking non sense about them!! Seriously Justin would grab her phone? Grow up u poor lady..

  • CC

    people aren’t reading the whole thing. TMZ said that according to a worker at the park it wasn’t Justin’s fault, the lady was just trying to make him seem like a thief, or she was trying to get attention. We don’t really know why she did it but we know she was lying and making an unnecessary big deal out of it.

  • nannu garu

    DUH!!!! why would justin steal? he doesnt have any shortage of money…he’s making millions…what’s a phone or two for him? he can buy thousands of phone…

  • ivone

    See how easy it is for people to make up BS and TMZ ready to make it seem worse then it really was. People and the media seem to think that because you are a celebrity they have a right to do and say what they want. Evil world we live in.

    • Lalani

      Tmz are the stupid and ignorant. Nothing they say is true. Lies and more BS

  • Birk

    All these rumors and lies about Justin are just getting crazier and crazier!!! Justin can’t even go out in public anymore without people making up stories about him or invading his privacy by blinding him with flashes from cells or cameras. Not for one second did his fans believe that he did this, I see there was people who weren’t his fans that said he is too rich to have to rob anybody.

  • hayet22

    This time tmz were kinda neuttral they even have a wittness which is the employee who has said it wasn’t justin’s fault my only consern is that people will mind the first part of the article and ignore the second

  • im just beautiful me :)

    @hayet 22 I know being a selenator is a promise that every true selenator shouldn’t break sweetheart I only said that to David Conway because he was bullied for being one of the selenator last year by a belieber the kalani girl taunting him every minute and making him feel like he didn’t belong and caused David Conway to become a hater of selena because he couldn’t take it anymore……. thank you for being so loyal and dedicated to Selena I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!! You are definitely a true selenator!!!!!! Love you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is selena your idol?????

    • hayet22

      Sure she is my fave I lovd her since who says can’t get over dat song actually just 3 dayz ago I waz the clip on youtube am a belieber too tho hope u don’t mind it !