Justin Bieber Accused in Attempted Robbery – Cellphone Theft, Police say


Justin with a Castle Park security guard who was trying to calm the situation.

Justin Bieber has been accused in an attempted robbery, Los Angeles police said Tuesday night.

TMZ reports that the incident allegedly took place Monday night at Sherman Oaks Castle Park, a complex in the San Fernando Valley with miniature golf and a batting cage.

The alleged female victim claims Justin demanded to see her phone so he could erase any photos taken of his entourage, according to the report.

Justin allegedly grabbed the woman’s phone when she refused to give it to him.

The woman claims that after taking the phone, Justin demanded that she unlock the device to see if she had taken any photos. She eventually proved no photos were taken, TMZ reported.

She said Justin screamed at her and her 13-year-old daughter, saying, “You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here.” Her daughter then started crying, according to the report.

LAPD Officer Rosario Herrera told The Los Angeles Times that detectives were interviewing the victim of the alleged attempted robbery. Detectives have not interviewed Justin Bieber.


JUSTIN NEVER tried to rob anyone … he never even touched the woman.

The Sherman Oaks Castle Park employee tells TMZ, claiming she witnessed the heated exchange Monday night between Justin and the woman who was taking photos of him.

The employee says the woman was definitely the instigator, being overly aggressive and ignoring security’s requests to stop snapping pics. She says Justin was upset, but never got physical with the woman in any way … and definitely didn’t try to grab her phone.

Sources say Justin lost his cool because the flash kept distracting him while he was trying to bat.

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