Justin Bieber & Adriana Lima 5AM Cannes Hookup Rumor

Justin Bieber Adriana Lima

Justin Bieber had a casual hookup with Brazilian model Adriana Lima at Cannes Film Festival in May, reports US Weekly.

According to the Weekly, the duo’s romance got started May 20 at the 1 Oak fete at local French Riviera club Gotha.

Justin pursued her hard. At a private house party later that night, they were talking nonstop. They went home together around 5 AM. He had fun with Adriana. [But] it won’t turn into anything serious.

  • Belieber

    Maybe he was just hooking up for a day, flirting with her. Literally every girl he hangs out with, the media always displays it as ‘his girfriend__” ‘his new girlfriend__”. So idk

  • Smilesometimes

    I don’t believe this


    This is all bs

  • Birk

    So what if Justin has a fling.. He is single after all.

  • Sophia

    I have nothing against Bieber mingling around with ladies, he is single after all. But I don’t think Adriana would want to have a relationship with this boy. He still has a lot to mature and experience. And knowing that Bieber has a lot of 12-15 year old fans who are so violent about who Bieber has a relationship with, I don’t think Adriana would risk it. Adriana wouldn’t want a relationship with a boy and every minute receive a death threat or an insult from a belieber just because she’s with Bieber. They won’t have a peaceful relationship knowing that Bieber has violent fans and paparazzi following him everywhere.

  • Gabriel

    Jesus Christ, these are all lies, maybe they talked but Adriana is married…

    • Sophia

      Adriana had announced that she and her husband have split Friday, May 2. So, please check your facts before commenting. :)

  • Nicki


    • Lailani

      Yeah and what’s your point