Justin Bieber Arrested for Being Drunk in Public in Nashville – VIDEO


Justin Bieber has been busted for public intoxication in Nashville, TN.

But Beliebers need not panic – it wasn’t OUR Canadian Justin Bieber.

The Tennessee man, who shares his name with OUR ‘Justin Bieber’, allegedly started picking fights with passersby. As cops hauled him off, he reportedly claimed to have had only four drinks.

Poor BIEBER then passed out as he was being taken to jail.

He was later released and the charges against him dropped, according to WKRN.

  • Charmaiii

    He has a twinnie :D

  • Nicole

    thats not true poor justin my love him his my idol

  • Lailani

    Um, the tabloids are full of quacks heads. There stupid

    • KC

      Hey Lailani can you even read at all? the news said a man with the same name as Justin has been arrested. Wow you’re stupid

    • Darius

      first of all ..Read the article then let your mouth say stupid things..Use your brain… Honestly I am a belieber but sometimes I hate this site because of YOU! cant you shut up?

      • Darius

        I was talking to you @Lailani

    • Lailani

      Oh my goodness was I even talking about the tabloids. STFU dAmn fool.

  • swethlana


  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Thats wierd o_O

  • Justin.G.

    Stupid at he did it but I still love him he is my boyfriend♡♡♡♡♡

  • Belieber

    i knew it wasn’t “our justin’ in da first place

  • Belieber

    yeah and stupid people probably be thinking it was Justin and shiit

  • Hannah bieber

    Omg I got worried at first but then I read the article. Phew

  • Elisa

    Omg he arrested again omg really justin

    • BelieberDude96

      Did you read the article at all, aside from the title..?

  • BelieberDude96


    I opened up my newsletter in my email. When I read the title my heart sank and I was like, ‘Shit! Not again!’.

    I’m glad to hear it’s not our Justin! :)

  • believe bieber
  • m l

    a lot of people will only read the headline and think Justin has done it again. The media don’t care about his reputation

  • His Belieber

    How many Justin Biebers are there in the world? I was in shock when the title was. Justin Bieber has been arrested….but its not our Justin ;)

  • Catrin

    Justin has a new song out called looking for love google justin bieber and you can listen to it

  • Catrin

    The song is actually called looking for you oops my bad


    Our Justin Bieber’s good man in spite of laies of the haters !

  • Birk

    His life must be tough to have the same name as Canadian Justin Bieber.. I kind of feel sorry for him. People must make mistakes about him all the time. Justin is too smart to do that plus his bodyguards would literally carry him to a car if he was ever that drunk… LOL

  • Nicki

    It’s not true