Justin Bieber Black Bandana, Meeting Fans outside Hotel LA – May 10

Justin Bieber hair back

Justin Bieber pushes his hair back in a black bandana while stepping out to meet some fans outside of his hotel on Saturday evening (May 10) in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber and Fans LA Hotel

That same night, Justin had a fun movie night with his pal Ryan Good, production A&R coordinator Corey Gamble, and manager Scooter Braun.

Screen Shot

16 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Black Bandana, Meeting Fans outside Hotel LA – May 10

  1. Birk

    Justin is his own person and can choose any type of fashion to wear that he wants. But I have to caution him for continuing to wear hip hop clothing and flashing what some people who are in gangs consider gang signs. Justin is not a gang member but there are those who keep bringing it up that he keeps flashing gang signs and that is not good at all. I wish people could dress the way they want without others saying they are trying to be black or gangster.

  2. Azaria

    He’s definitely high. Expressionless face, eyes look dilated, he’s on something. And this?

    May 12, 2014 at 1:02 am
    No he doesn’t. He’s Amazing.

    This is idiotic. He’s CLEARLY high, there’s NO way to dismiss it. He looks like he’s on some painkillers to be quite honest. As someone who has abused them before I know what you look like on them. Justin is NOT a saint, he’s proven this time and time again, stop trying to make him out to be. He’s a human, he’s making some poor choices and isn’t facing up to them and fixing the problem. He’s high, period.


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