Justin Bieber Boed at Clippers Game – Jumbotron Video Screen

Justin Bieber Boed at Clippers Game Jumbotron Screen

As we previously reported, Justin took his mommy to the Clippers/Thunder playoff game at Staples Center on Mothers Day and sat courtside with her. So sweet!!!

Despite the nice gesture, the Clipper fans was not amused when Justin made an appearance on the JumboTron during the game. So they booed the Biebs. And then booed him some more.

“The entire placed booed him when Staples Center cameras put him on the Jumbotron.” a source told E! News.


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    WTF!! y do people hate him!! He didnt do anything to you idiots!!!
    I love you justin and dont let anyone put you down :(

    • Ariella

      Well that’s rude of those peps.Justin is a cute guy and leave him alone.If you don’t like Justin then keep it to yourself instead of yelling BOOOO!!Justin doesn’t like getting booed at :/ .

      • Ariella

        Look Justin got a little bit embarressed and Justin has feelings and he’s human too.#RespectJB

  • Lailani

    Justin is amazing and Adorable

  • Lailani

    Justin is Amazing and just so hot

  • da bieber thing

    WTF u all jealous bc u wish u could be justin bieber UGH the media washed ur mind suckers !!!

    • Lailani

      I’m so aww of Justin

  • Lailani

    The tabloids are full of Shit and more lies.

  • Lailani

    Justin is to adorable and such a cutie.

  • belieberforever

    Why are people so mean? He didn’t do anything wrong. Stop hating.
    We love you justin.

  • Xavier Jackson

    It wasn’t really booing most people were cheering him on certain few were booing him overall haters are full of them selfs

  • selena marie homez

    He big

  • Belieber

    he doesn’t deserve it. I hate when games be putting justin on screen cuz’ everytime he is, they’re booing him. And that’s not fair.

  • ivone

    Envy and jealousy is all those losers will ever be. They will NEVER be you JB and they know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat you heart out haters, never, never like ever,,,,,,,,,,

  • Oypa

    i think it was not really booingg !!!!!!!!

  • Justin’s Belieber

    omg! wow! i’m about over this! its just rediculous! all those booing people should shut their mouths. Justin got booed at the billboard music awards and he doesn’t deserve to get booed at again. Seriously! why can’t people just leave him alone!?

  • Hannah Bieber

    Well that was just rude -.-

  • Sophia

    Honestly, he didn’t deserve getting booed at by the audience. After all, he was there to spend Mother’s Day with his mom. Although, you can’t really blame the audience for that kind of reaction. All the issues and controversies that stirred up because of his wrong decisions, all the blatant disrespect & of course, his douche bag attitude. It’s Bieber’s fault for not thinking of the consequences of his bad decisions. Yes, Bieber is a good kid. But he hasn’t actually done anything to prove that (this year). He didn’t deserve that but instead of bitching about what had already happened, he should do something to prove to them that he’s changed for the better. 

    • SamanthaLuvsJustin

      Justin did NOT deserve to get booed at all! & you can blame them for it cuz how would you feel if everyone booed you for something you really never did & it was just exaggerated? He’s not a douchebag & he didn’t disrespect anyone, if you bring up Anne Frank, I will scream cuz what he said wasn’t disrespectful at all. It was sweet of him to say that. I don’t care if I sound like a kid for saying that, it’s cuz I’m tired of ppl disrespecting him! Actually, he has proven that he’s changed, you just don’t see it cuz you only pay attention to the bad stuff. What has he complained about? I don’t see anything that says that so. No one should be booed no matter who they are. I don’t think that their feelings about him will ever change cuz they like making him upset & that’s what I call bullying. Why do you even come to this site if you don’t like him? You don’t call yourself a Bieber-hater but considering what you have said about him lately seems like you are. What did you think of him b4 all this? Did you think he was gay, sounded like a girl, was a girl, were you a Belieber, or just a fan?

      • Sophia

        And why is that? Because all of you beliebers think your precious Justin is perfect? Oh so saying that “… Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” is respectful & sweet?! NO HOPEFULLY SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE. What he said proves how self-conceited he is. Seems like you have no idea who Anne Frank is and how much of an important historical figure she is. Ah so, Hitler shouldn’t be hated at all because like what you said “No one should be booed no matter who they are.” Gotta love your logic! That’s what you THINK. You’ll never know if you never TRY. It’s not a 100% that their feelings will change but that’s not to say it won’t. Wait a sec, if Bieber says someone should be “slapped around”, that’s considered a joke? but if someone says “Bieber is a douche bag & he needs to get his act together.” that’s called bullying? Your logic deserves an award! Sure, it’ll hurt but that’s what will make you change to a better person. To express my opinion, whether any of you beliebers like it or not. You may think it’s pathetic but just because there are people like you who will decline any opinion that says something negative about Bieber doesn’t mean I can’t express them anymore. Remember that just because someone said a couple of negative things about Bieber doesn’t automatically mean he/she is a hater. I actually liked him, I used to save a ton of his pictures and make edits with them, I had an IG fanpage for him, I purchased his music, followed him on his social media accounts but now, no thanks.

  • Sophia

    Hilarious. You all think that the people who were booing him are jealous of him and all the other excuses you beliebers have. This wouldn’t have happened if Bieber made good decisions and thought clearly about them. Now, the booing he got, that’s the consequence for his wrong decisions. It’s gonna take time for them to change how they feel about Bieber so please, beliebers, accept the fact that your precious Justin won’t be loved by every one & hating on anyone who has a different preference over him won’t help at all. But don’t get me wrong, Bieber’s not all to blame, I know that.

    • belieber

      yes, you are right justin can be bad sometimes but everybody makes mistakes. after all thats happened now you can see that hes trying to be a better person. yeah, booing is not bullying but it was kind of mean. we all hope that he learns to make good decisions next time but we are just trying to stick up for him so that he doesnt get upset and depressed.

  • BabyGirl Belieber

    ugh just becuz thy dnt like Justin dnt mean thy should be booing it aint his falt tht he cute just becuz thy dnt like him dont mean anything i hate haters thy should stick to their lives instead of trying to get into Jutin’s life….i call haters jealous bcuz we got something that want…Justin is well known on the planet and those haters want to b well known as well and the guy haters dont like him cuz Justin gets ALL the girls even the guy’s Girlfriends

  • hayet22

    He was booed and that’s normal bieber depo wazn’t exactly smg that will have people cheering for but he needs to know there’s other people in the world who really love him and do not wanna see him in this sort of situations basically am saying i hope he’ll figure out that making people respect u for manhood isn’t about sizzurping and cars racing

  • erica

    people are disgusting and disrespectful but yet again I’ve never seen a hater doing better than justin.

  • Nicki

    Whoever booed him are jerks. I was at the game too and I was really upset for what they did.

  • nannu garu

    the fuck! justin never booed you haters…then why do you boo him?i mean,,u r just putting down a guy who is famous,, like,, everyone know him and you(hater) aint like him…

  • ivone

    What I want to know is where are all his friends?? The hate has to STOP!!!!!!!!!
    He is always there for his friends always having their backs, Floyd Mayweather was there and many others!!!! It is time to put an END to all the BS that the media and TMZ is spreading around!!!