Justin Bieber Boobs Distraction w/ Amanda Cerny – VINE VIDEO


Another funny VINE video:

@AmandaCerny: Justin Bieber is distracted :)

  • Turkey2turkey

    Lol so funny I jst luv his vines and justin will u follow me on vine plz

  • Belieber

    Lol I love his vines xD

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Hehe :D

  • Hannah Bieber

    Lol she was trying to get his attention lmao

  • Heather

    That supposed to be funny -.-

  • rb

    She tried slapping him with her boobs, then she did a skin flash; Damn Justin, I’ve seen videos of you grabbing Selena; I would be all over that! Why no PDA’s? She is so hot! Amanda Cerny is almost 24 years, and Playboy Playmate Miss October 2011.

    • Madiena

      If I have a BF I wouldn’t let him touch my boobs I will slap his face.

  • Nicki

    His vines is hilarious

  • His Belieber

    Funny but I’ll kill that bitch

  • Birk

    This is hilarious. I thought it was funny.. But it does make him seem nothing can distract him from looking at selfies of himself.. LOL Not even a Playboy Playmate!

  • aleena

    justin is so cute but i`ll seriously kill that girl

  • Liv

    Justin good job ignoring her stick with Selena

    • Lailani

      Uh there not even together

  • nandra

    Hahahahha .. so funny .. !!
    Love Justin..