Justin Bieber Caught Sleeping in a Car After Working All Night in the Studio -May 30

Justin Bieber Caught Sleeping in the Car After Studio Session 7

Tired, Justin Bieber sleeping in the car after working on new music in the studio all night in Los Angeles. (May30).

Earlier that day, Justin spotted leaving Nobu restaurant after dining out.

*EXCLUSIVE* Justin Bieber gives a thumbs up after dining at Nobu

Justin posed for pictures outside a parking lot and gave a thumbs up before hopping into an awaiting vehicle. MORE PICS JUSTIN AT NOBU restaurant, click here.

MORE pics in the gallery below:
Screen Shot

  • Smart Belieber

    That is harilous of him to do that

  • Smilesometimes

    Awe cute , he’s to cute

  • Belieber

    aw hes so cute when hes sleeping lol

  • Hannah Bieber

    Awww hes so cute <3 <3 <3 <3 lol im glad hes working hard

  • future Mrs.Bieber

    Awwww he sleeps like an angel.

  • Sophia

    Seriously? Bieber & beliebers are constantly shaming paparazzi for following Bieber around and taking pictures of him. But the pictures paparazzi takes are all uploaded to this fansite. You are all up the paparazzi’s asses about taking pictures of Bieber & not giving him ‘space’ yet all their pictures are uploaded hereand all of you beliebers are looking at them, saving them, making edits using the pictures and commenting on them. And sometimes, Bieber himself uploads them on his instagram! Not only are most of you beliebers annoying and too possessive, most of you are hypocrites!

    • Birk

      Oh behave yourself… Already! Beliebers want to know what is the latest with Justin, and since there are rumors of the week about Justin and lies and allegations every week, we want to get to the bottom of it.. Justin makes himself available to his fans by posting pictures of himself.. On the other hand the paparazzi invade his privacy and we want to know about that when it happens.

      • Sophia

        You’re telling me to behave? I think YOU should behave. YOU and most of the other beliebers out there constantly make up excuses for Bieber when he’s in trouble & defending him when he’s obviously in the wrong. And you beliebers wouldn’t know what’s the ‘latest’ with Bieber if it weren’t for the MEDIA and PAPARAZZI. If we use your logic then almost ALL of the other celebrities make themselves available to their fans just because of the pictures they post of themselves. So, nothing special there.

        You beliebers as well as Bieber complain and whine about the paparazzi not giving Bieber ‘space’. But the funny thing is after the paparazzi takes the pictures of Bieber, the pictures are posted on FANSITES (or sometimes, Bieber’s instagram) and beliebers are given the pleasure to view them. You do know you beliebers are also invading his privacy through looking at the pictures the paparazzi takes. And also sometimes, it’s Bieber’s fans themselves who follow Bieber around and take pictures of him. Please, practice what you preach and stop being such a hypocritical fool.

    • S

      They take pics but they need to keep their distance and not get in his face

      • Lailani

        The stalkrazzi are annoying as hell. Justin doesn’t like them either

  • katiebieber

    I love the pic but why wld they take a pic without him knowin while he was resting?

  • Madiena

    Did some cat mess up his pants or something?

    • Sophia

      Seeing your comment gives me the impression that you know nothing about fashion & style.

      • lolo

        Sophia you don’t know nothing about fashion those pants are terrible

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Aaawww look at his little baby face!!!
    I want that for my birthday :)
    Why is he so cute!!!!!!

  • Birk

    Justin is working himself to exhaustion and this is disturbing to see that he can’t even take a quick nap.. Then again Justin may have done it on purpose as a joke! That wouldn’t be a surprise because Justin does have a sense of humor.

  • Justin’s girlfriend Samantha


  • aleena

    awwwwwwww he`s so cute <3

  • belieber4life

    awww my baby looks so cute sleeping

  • luppykent

    Those who criticise,make more mistakes in life yet they criticise,humanbeings as we are,mistakes are ment to be made in order to be called a mistake

  • Belieber

    I love you justin lol #speeding again stupid paps they stink

  • lambor500S

    Justin, take care of yourself and get your much needed rest. you have the rest of your life to meet and greet, making new songs flying from country to country etc; Remember you only live once.

    Much love!

  • Hudabia

    Well he sleeps like an angel <3 :)

  • Hudabia

    It’s good to know that you’re taking care of yourself. We know you work hard but your health is more important take care sweety

  • Brianna Bieber

    Oh Justin…you’re soo cute <3

  • Nicki

    So cute!