Justin Bieber Donates $545,000 for Charity at amfAR AIDS GALA

Justin Bieber donates half million aids gala amfar

Justin Bieber attending amfAR AIDS GALA.

Justin Bieber surprised guests at a celebrity gala when he dropped over a half million dollar for charity.

A source confirms to TMZ that Justin made a huge donation to charity at the amfAR Annual Cinema Against AIDS Gala. The nonprofit foundation raises money for AIDS research.

He attended the fancy event in a black, double-breasted suits and matched the sum pledged by another donor on hand… a sum of $545,000.

Sources said the crowd, which included Leo DiCaprio, Heidi Klum, John Travolta, and Sharon Stone, was stunned. Justin was asked if he seriously wanted to pledge such a huge amount and he said “YES”.

Justin said he just felt inspired to do something good.


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  • rb

    Congrats Justin! A donation for the good of humanity.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Im really proud of him and seeing him in that tux just makes me cry cuzz he grew up </3

  • Belieber

    I’m so proud of him. He is such a good person who is helping to changing the world. Much appreciated. My inspiration.

  • exposingsmg.tumblr.com/

    It’s too bad media doesn’t talk about the good his does when he does stuff like this. I like how he’s maturing nicely too!

    • Lailani

      The tabloids are full of shit and lies. There stupid.

    • Sophia

      Funny how this article was featured on TMZ. They do talk about the positive/good things Bieber has done but sadly, there were more negative/bad things that he supposedly did or has done. So shut it with your pathetic excuses that media doesn’t show the good things Bieber has done.

  • nicki

    That is really nice. They must been happy to see him do that I am too. Luv u!

  • beliebertilldeath

    how can people just hate him… i dnt understand. he is such a good person …. i just <3 <3 <3 him…… belieber forever no matter what happens

    • ioana

      Doamneee il adooorrr .. toata lumea ar trebui .. Belieber … mereu

  • Elisa

    Justin bieber is my favorite male artist i love all his muisc he my idol my inspiration jb u best for that donated i love ???? I don’t know for sure love never told anybody that because hard to say those three words i love you idk

  • lambor500S

    Proud of you Justin!
    for making such a huge donation for such a worthy cause. Am quite sure it was very much appreciated from the celebs at the amfAR Aids Gala and the people involved in the Aids Research. Hopefully one day they will find a cure for aids.

    Much love!

  • anna

    What a great thing to do. He has a good heart. I hope people stop criticizing everything Justin does and help him to be more comfortable showing the good kind gentle person he is. I feel he’s being trying to hide that part of himself out of self protection, which is understandable with all the hate he’s had to deal with, but I think his maturity will come fully when he starts being more and more comfortable and accepting of himself. Then the hate will roll off him like rain.


    Justin’s always cool !

  • aleena

    those who hate on him should at least praise him for his great charity work

    • Brad

      Oh please. David Beckham has done so much more in donating, helping & supporting charity/foundation. But you don’t see him all-over the news for all of his generosity or people ‘praising’ him. But whatever, what Bieber did was really generous of him.

  • Sophia

    This is really kind & generous of him. Glad to see him getting back into his game. However, shame on the butthurt beliebers who diss on TMZ because they post articles about Bieber supposedly making him look bad. But you wouldn’t have known that he donated if it weren’t for TMZ. Ya’ll are a bunch of butthurt hypocrites.

  • thareen…

    tatz really sweet…and cool!!…and ya dnt expect the TMZ post a “good thing”…about justin m shocked!! n love yaa lotz jb ur d best!!

    • Brad

      Do you want to go back to grade 1? Oh please do. I’ll even pay for your tuition! It hurts to see that people like you who have terrible grammar actually exist. :(

  • thareen…

    i always knew there is a grate kind and generous side of justin…noo matter wat ppl say a always a belieber..!!

  • mehdi

    very very nice j. b

  • Lailani

    Justin is always amazing

  • ivan

    This is hardly mentioned on the radio, TV, and a lot of gossip sites; they are only interested in his mistakes. Where are gay and media people praising him for that? If some other celebrity gives 100 dollars, it would be in the news.

    • Sophia

      Sorry but you’re wrong. The good things he has done were actually mentioned on the radio, TV, and a lot of gossip sites. Like that time when Bieber visited the victims of typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban, that was featured in the news (TV & newspaper). As well as his interview. I can confirm that because I live in the Philippines. :) Excluding this charity donation, what other donations did he make after his “DUI” case? None. You think they’re only interested in his mistakes? I think that the most recent news about him were his foolishness, so that’s what the media shows. Sure, it may be exaggerated at times but please, don’t give me that pathetic excuse that media only shows the bad things he did. Well, would you look at that! This article was actually posted on TMZ! The site all you butthurt beliebers hate! If it weren’t for TMZ, ya’ll wouldn’t even know about his donation! So, please, stop using that annoying excuse about media only showing the bad things because they show both- good and bad. It just so happened that his most recent actions were on the bad side (excluding this donation).

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Suprised TMZ didnt say something mean to him

  • Daniel dsouza

    Hiz been aspired frm small,, the greatnesz N love is within that dependz on showng……

  • sarah love you JB

    Justin You are one of the best singers of religion I am crazy about you love them, hoping one day to come to visit us in Algeria I love you more than you think I am fascinated by you, the most expensive Justin