Justin Bieber & Eminem on Family Guy “Baby Got Black” S.12 (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Eminem Family guy

Justin Bieber and Eminem get animated on “Family Guy” Season 12 Episode 18 “Baby Got Black”.

Watch video below:

14 thoughts on “Justin Bieber & Eminem on Family Guy “Baby Got Black” S.12 (VIDEO)

  1. Sophia

    It’s foolish but Family Guy is a sitcom. Meaning you don’t have to take everything seriously, but knowing that most of you beliebers are butthurt, that will probably be hard to do. I’m pretty sure this is what you butthurt beliebers will do; Family Guy made fun of Justin and seeing that beliebers can’t take a joke, most of you beliebers will go hating and bad-mouthing Family Guy. And besides, what Peter said was actually accurate, (I’m not sure about Eminem but) Justin does actually try really hard to be black, the way he dresses, speaks and acts.

  2. NiNiBEAR

    I just want to know what people on here or in general mean when they say that someone is trying to act black. Not only black people cuss or wear hoodies and surpass. I know many white people who do too. I would get ot if people said that they were trying to act hood or ghetto.


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