Justin Bieber Facing Felony Charges from LA D.A., Report Says


Justin Bieber has been accused of egging his neighbor’s home in January. The victim of the egging told TMZ that the case’s district attorney thinks the prank should be classified as a felony (May8).

Justin allegedly pelted his neighbor’s Calabasas, Calif., home with at least 20 eggs back in January. Repairs reportedly totaled about $20,000.

The neighbor said the deputy district attorney (DA) assigned to the case believes branding the crime a misdemeanor doesn’t cut it.

The attorney allegedly said, “If we don’t charge him with a felony, we ruin precedent for every other felony case we want to charge.”

The DA’s office has been divided on how to file the charges, TMZ reported. The case is now reportedly being reviewed “at the highest level.”

  • Katie

    Who cares? I mean, have you seen Justin’s net worth? It’s $160 Million, so those charges probably don’t make a difference to Justin anyway! Justin is probably sitting in his beautiful mansion thinking ‘I don’t care. I’ve still got hmmm $160 million dollars even despite this! Ahaha’
    He’s very rich guys, and these charges will not make a difference in the slightest for him! However I know if I was facing these Felony Charges, I would have nearly been on the streets homeless, as $20,000 is too much for people like me, and most people in the USA. I would have given a damn about this, but as for Justin, he wouldn’t have given a damn. He simply wouldn’t care. And I don’t blame him…. I admit, if I had that much money in my bank account, I wouldn’t have f***ing cared in the slightest either.


    Justin’s innocent ! Polish& other Beliebers support him !

    • Lailani

      The tabloids are full of BS

  • Nicki


  • Angel!

    why do people care if he egged a house my best friend used to always egg house before she moved here

  • Krista

    Ok seriously everybody just needs to stop. Do they have any proof that it was Justin? If they don’t have proof they can do absolutley nothing. I don’t care what they say he did. I want a fingerprint and DNA samleing before I believe any of this. I hate TMZ because all they do is cause drama and spread hate and that’s probably why they think wow I wish I was that talented all I do is write something that nobody cares about anyway. I hae been a beliber since Justin first started sining. I hae loed Justin for that long. I may not like the way he has changed but I respect it and support him all the way. I am sos ick of hearing oh well Jutin needs to go to jail maybee then he will learn or Justin should hae consequences for his actions. It makes me so mad.

    • M

      It was obviously him, in the video the neighbour took when his house got egged you can hear Justin saying “I’ve got another one for you actually”

      • Birk

        Even that is debatable if that is really Justin Bieber’s voice or not.

  • ivone

    All bad news always comes from TMZ. Is their personal agenda to try to make him look bad.
    I will not believe anything they have to say!!!
    $20,000 WTF is his house made of ginger bread?!? Just another looser trying to re the gravy train like the “photographer” from TMZ.

  • Justin’s Belieber

    seriously? this is just rediculous! why can’t the media and tabloids just leave him alone? he went egging back in january! they need to forget about it. He was still 19 at the time. I hate tmz. They lie so much.

  • ivan

    If he did it, he must have been instigated to do it. there are tweets from neighbors that indicate one threw stuff on his property some time before this. I don’t thing he would have done it just for fun. His neighbor obviously had more work done to exceed the 400 dollars to get a felony conviction which is what the neighbor, Sheriff, and deputy district attorney want. This will be decided by the main District Attorney. If it’s a misdemeanor charge, he might get only a fine, probation and or community service

  • Sarah Bieber

    This is ridiculous. We all know that he did that, justin is not an innocent 13 year old. Does that make him a bad person, no. Should he be charged with a felony, no. It’s egging, thats like toiletpapering, the neighbor was totally bulshitting when he said that it cost 20k. But he did egg that house and we all know hes capable of doing that.

  • tj

    its not 20k worth of damage and its not a felony. its a small dispute but becuz its between rich ppl they have to go hard.


    This was ages ago!!!
    Jeez just forget about it and leave the poor kid alone!!!

  • Catrin

    Felony are you kidding me. If he gets convicted I want to see every other kid that does it charged with a felony charge too. It’s not fair to single Justin out cause he’s famous and make a spectacle of him. I’m sick of hearing shit about him that anyone else his age would do and doesn’t get half the attention cause their not a celebrity. He didn’t ask to be put under a microscope yet he deals with it amazingly well. If I were him I would have lost it a long time ago. Maybe he’ll think twice before he acts like a regular guy his age can with no thought. It’s not fair he should be allowed to be free and fun

    • Belieber

      You’re right. Like, if another person does it and it’s not a celeb., any normal person, they would get away with it. But since it’s ‘Justin Bieber’, they wanna get all they have from him. Don’t think its fair.

      • wassup

        No , if another person did this their punishment would be worse than Justin’s. And just because justin bieber did it you guys wanna brush it off , but I bet if someone did it to Justin’s house , you guys would want that person dead. Stop being stupid.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Wow more drama. This was back in january which was 4 months ago. People need to get over it and give the poor guy a break. In that case i will egg my neighbors house to and lets see if i get charges with a felony

  • Bbb

    Actually if it was a regular person they would have been charged to . Celebrities will always have it easy . Just cause they are famous . I’m glad he will get charged with the egging he deserves it . That’s a lot of money to fix that damage he’s dumb to do that

  • Azaria

    Whether he did it or not, this is not something that would ever be charged as a felony. There are worse things that aren’t even considered felonies. Ugh.

    • Lailani

      Wow, people really do makeup shit from thin air.