Justin Bieber Fighting at Gotcha Nightclub in Cannes France -PICS

Justin Bieber Fighting at Gotcha NightCLub

Justin Bieber reportedly got in a fight at Gotha nightclub in Cannes recently, but thanks to his bodyguards who stepped in to protect him.

Justin Bieber Fighting at Gotcha NightCLub 3

According to the Dailymail, a shirtless Justin was restrained by one of his bodyguards as he appears to be shouting at another clubgoer.

An eyewitness said a fight broke out after a girl tried to climb over a sofa where Justin was sitting to join a male friend. And Justin pushed her and she fell back on the couch, which angered her friend.

Justin’s bodyguard was seen holding him back while he tries to attack at another partygoer.

Justin and the man started to push each other around, before his bodyguards stepped in and pulled Justin away.

Girls allegedly were screaming when the club blacked out so Justin could be whisked away by his entourage. Justin reportedly returned a short while later and sat at another table.

Justin Bieber Fighting at Gotcha NightCLub 2

  • Sophia

    Seems like he still has that short-tempered attitude. Not blaming Bieber because I don’t know the full story but it seems like he still hasn’t changed. :

    • Lailani

      It’s not his fault. It’s there’s damn idiots.

      • Sophia

        It’s also not your fault for having poor comprehension and terrible grammar. It’s just not right to argue with someone who is close-minded.

      • Lailani

        @sophia, STFU really, hater

  • Kylie

    Honestly, they could have handled that in a more mature way. I know Bieber’s not to blame but he should’ve been more sensitive about his actions and words so as not to attract so much attention and stir up controversies once again. But anyways, we don’t know the full story but there are more mature ways to handle situations like this, especially if you’re Justin Bieber.

    • Lailani

      I don’t blame justin for getting pissed.

      • Sophia

        And I don’t blame your mom for giving birth to you.

        Sounds harsh but I’ve seen your previous comments and replies to others. You are really annoying me and everyone else.

      • Lailani

        Uh like I care GTFO, you always have something to say.

    • Maria

      So true, agree. Who believes Justin, the one who LOVES his fans and treats them amazingly, always so plight with everyone would push a girl. This is not the true, but as he said on the film ‘That’s what they wanted, they wanted that reaction from me’ sad we live in this society.

  • miley bitt

    maybe he though that the girl is going to jump on him that why he pushed her …… he always kind with girls .. that’s why i think he’s not blamed

  • Lailani

    If they would leave him alone. Not of this would happen.

  • what-eva

    Doesn’t surprise me that he has a short temper. We have all seen this temper in the past. The walking out of an interview. The slight pushing of parazzi. It was called cute when he was younger. Now he is a man. It is not cute anymore. Maturity has just not hit him. When people start putting him in reality situation then he might grow up. Right now he is a world where it is like Disneyland.

    • this is cray cray

      If justin keeps this up his career is going down the toilet. He is fading as is already.

      • Princess

        I agree ….so true

  • swethlana

    Oh..not again!

    • Lailani

      None of this would happen. If the girl would just mind her own business.

      • Lailani

        Maybe next time she’ll learn to leave him alone.

      • Madiena

        He was fighting with a boy not a girl.

      • bieberfever#1

        It wasn’t just the girls fault you know! She was just trying to climb OVER the sofa that justin was sitting on to talk to a friend… she wasn’t attacking him or anything

  • Hannah bieber

    Ugh he was doing so good !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lailani

    If the girl would leave justin alone. And not try to climb over the couch. Not none of this would happen

    • Bizzle goes pop

      She climbed over to sit next to her friend, that happens you know. Justin just has a short tempered attitude

      • Vicki

        Could she have not walked around the couch like a normal person ??

    • A

      If he hadn’t have pushed here none of this would f happened

  • Charmaiii

    Thats my boy hahahaha

    • Lailani

      If she’ll learn. She’s the stupidest person

  • Princess

    Sorry but ths time , I am nit supporting justin if only ths nws is true … He pushed and she fall on couch. Means it was a heavy push and definately the guy with that girl will react. Imagine u in that stitution … I understand its his privacy but its publice place ..so I am deeply hurted . First shock that he pushed . I never thought so…. I wish ths is not a complete nws like that at stable calling fan b•••H , and that beach whale … Type nws but if its true I am sad …not thought he can b so short temperedthat forget its girl.

    • kiana97

      it might have been the weakest push ever, its a club she was probably tight as a whip (drunk).

      • Princess

        Yeah might b , but if he kept doing ths type of thngs its destructive for him . And people will thnk he can never improve . Read headline of dailymail.

    • Birk

      This is only an “allegation” and the latest in a long line of allegations that have surrounded Justin for the past 5 years.. How many times have these B.S. stories proven to be bogus? So many times I have lost count. For all we know she may have jumped on top of him without him even knowing in advance who the hell she was.. Where was his bodyguards at the time to make sure nothing like that happens in the first place is my question.

  • Heather

    Wow what’s up with this is really too much going on with him like one thing he doing ok then the next thing he in to trouble again.

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    We dont know if its true so keep your cool!!
    I dont think Justin would do this anyway

  • Madison

    None of this is Justin’s fault. If that girl wouldn’t have claimed over the sofa none of this would’ve happened

  • ashley

    You guys are idiots. Stop defending him. The girl can climb over whatever she wants. The minute he touches her, he’s in the wrong. He has no right to touch anyone else.

    • Lailani

      Uh hello, STFU, maybe if the girl wouldn’t climb over. And leave Justin alone . He deserves privacy.

      • ….

        She was getting to her boyfriend you idiot.

      • Lailani

        Wow, STFU

  • angel

    why would she climb over the sofa like how old are we? she could have just walked over to her friend like a mature lady its a public area you don’t just go climbing stuff common sense but she was probably drunk

  • Belieber

    We all know justin is short-tempered so he will obviously react like that, as of other times. But if that girl didn’t ‘climb over the couch’ or whatever he wouldn’t of done anything. It’s always someone that starts him up its not just ‘oh hey lets go have a fight now’

    • Alesa

      Thank u sombody get it

  • anl

    wow for climbing couch? couldn’t he just move away ugh his attitude is bad and why would he push a girl he is a man he has no right to put his hand on a women.

  • wow

    Hay its not really his fault he was tryna get the girl to go away but seems she wouldn’t btw its her fault for trying to bother them nd her friends are so stupid to let her go and bother other people. If i was Justin i would have done the same exact thing like ‘no bitch just go away’ lol but yea anyways…

  • Lungi


  • Lailani

    Are you serious or just stupid. Damn idiot

  • ….

    So justin, how’s acting like a thug working out for ya?

  • Birk

    He needs some anger management as quickly as possible, before a serious incident occurs that will have him sitting next to Chris Brown in prison.. This is what upsets me when stories like this come out.. What if this other guy had a weapon for example? This is the kind of stories that Beliebers dread coming out. However stories like this where Justin was accused of doing something wrong are common, and most times they are proven to be bogus.. This could be another lie.. Unless video surfaces of this then I will say it is another allegation that has yet to be proven. I hate it that these stories will make Justin look even worse.

  • Nicki

    She should have mind her business and stayed where she was at. Why the hell would you climb over him, she wouldn’t want no one climb over her.

  • Sophia

    This is unbelievable. I know that Bieber’s not all to blame but he’s partly the one to blame! You’re all putting the blame on the girl. Perhaps it wasn’t right that she climbed over the couch but remember that they are in a nightclub, of course people are there to have fun (reminds me of that egging incident) and relax. Who would know that Bieber is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode (short-tempered). If he truly respected girls, he wouldn’t be so rude and just calmly confronted her on why he thinks what she did wasn’t right. Bieber doesn’t own that couch or the nightclub, he has absolutely no right to push people. If Bieber wants to be respected, he should respect others as well. He can’t just walk around, thinking that he can do whatever he wants and not pay the price.

    I would reply to each of your comments but all of you beliebers have the same idea about the girl being at fault. I really don’t understand how a belieber’s brain works. It’s sad how you all think that Bieber is the victim here and all the other controversies when in fact, he’s also the one to blame.

  • #1belieber

    Oh jeez not again! Now I’ll have to come up with ways to defend him when a bunch of my friends from school come up to me and tell me about this story. Damn it! And just when things were starting to go well for him. You still need help Justin. Before it’s too late please!

  • CLB

    Why are non beliebers casually putting everything down here? We (everyone including us beliebers) need to look at both sides of the story; it’s important we do so in order to understand each event that comes out of this. Open minds guys! And non beliebers, this is a Fan site for a reason.

  • tk

    it looks lyk justin really need your supports beliebers

  • valeria figueroa

    Ricky is a stuped