Justin Bieber Fighting at Gotcha Nightclub in Cannes France -PICS

Justin Bieber Fighting at Gotcha NightCLub

Justin Bieber reportedly got in a fight at Gotha nightclub in Cannes recently, but thanks to his bodyguards who stepped in to protect him.

Justin Bieber Fighting at Gotcha NightCLub 3

According to the Dailymail, a shirtless Justin was restrained by one of his bodyguards as he appears to be shouting at another clubgoer.

An eyewitness said a fight broke out after a girl tried to climb over a sofa where Justin was sitting to join a male friend. And Justin pushed her and she fell back on the couch, which angered her friend.

Justin’s bodyguard was seen holding him back while he tries to attack at another partygoer.

Justin and the man started to push each other around, before his bodyguards stepped in and pulled Justin away.

Girls allegedly were screaming when the club blacked out so Justin could be whisked away by his entourage. Justin reportedly returned a short while later and sat at another table.

Justin Bieber Fighting at Gotcha NightCLub 2

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