Justin Bieber ft. Diggy Simon – Can’t Wait Audio + Download Link

Justin Bieber Diggy Simon - Cant Wait

Unreleased track by Diggy Simon featuring Justin Bieber – ‘Can’t Wait’.

Listen below:

Or download: link

25 comments on “Justin Bieber ft. Diggy Simon – Can’t Wait Audio + Download Link
  1. Fangirl Tia on said:

    1. It’s Diggy’s song so change the headline.
    2. His name is Diggy SIMMONS not Simon.

  2. Justin is just featuring. This song should be on Diggy Simon’s album. At least Justin is active and making bank by featuring with other artist

  3. Len in love with Biebs on said:

    Why Justin doesn’t speak about this song on Twitter, or generally?? Maybe this is just a fake song? Anyways, I would like to listen to it

  4. ivan on said:

    Simmons is an old friend of Justin who went to the Never Say Never premier. He’s also a sort of teen idol himself.

  5. SamanthaLuvsJustin on said:

    Justin sounds younger in this song. Maybe it was just leaked now because somehow a Belieber found it, I like it though.

  6. Azaria on said:

    I don’t know who writes the articles on here but EVERY time a song comes out featuring Justin you credit as Justin Bieber featuring ____. This is NOT Justin’s song nor are any of the other ones featuring him. Crediting the wrong artist is rude and misleading. Though I doubt you read the comments, you really need to fix it and stop misleading people.

  7. thareen.........!! on said:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsoooooooooooomeeeeeeeeee….!!!! literally cnt….wait….cnt wait..to get this song on my mp3..!!! lovd it!! itz totaly rocking…!

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