Justin Bieber ft. Diggy Simon – Can’t Wait Audio + Download Link

Justin Bieber Diggy Simon - Cant Wait

Unreleased track by Diggy Simon featuring Justin Bieber – ‘Can’t Wait’.

Listen below:

Or download: link

  • Lailani

    It shoulda pretty hot.

  • Lailani

    Wonder if that’s going to be on Justin’s next album or diggy’s album

  • Lailani

    Wonder how they collobrated together

  • Oypa

    very cool


    I cant wait till i get that song on my phone :)

  • Belieber

    the song is cool

  • Fangirl Tia

    1. It’s Diggy’s song so change the headline.
    2. His name is Diggy SIMMONS not Simon.

  • ivan

    That’s not the best recording; should sound way better on disk

  • Hannah bieber

    Omg this song is so amazing !!!!!!

  • Kaylie Bieber


  • rb

    Justin is just featuring. This song should be on Diggy Simon’s album. At least Justin is active and making bank by featuring with other artist

  • Nicki


  • Belieber4ever

    Amazing song!! I love you, Justin!!

  • Len in love with Biebs

    Why Justin doesn’t speak about this song on Twitter, or generally?? Maybe this is just a fake song? Anyways, I would like to listen to it

    • Kadia Chamime

      The song is about #selena gomez that s why JB doesn’t speak on twitter or IG ,

  • Beno

    Old .

  • leo

    feel like its old song coz voice is much more mature now

  • ivan

    Simmons is an old friend of Justin who went to the Never Say Never premier. He’s also a sort of teen idol himself.

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    Justin sounds younger in this song. Maybe it was just leaked now because somehow a Belieber found it, I like it though.

  • Beatrice Hernandez

    It sounds great!! I can relate to the lyrics – love it!

  • sandy

    OMG Justin !!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!! it s so nice

  • Azaria

    I don’t know who writes the articles on here but EVERY time a song comes out featuring Justin you credit as Justin Bieber featuring ____. This is NOT Justin’s song nor are any of the other ones featuring him. Crediting the wrong artist is rude and misleading. Though I doubt you read the comments, you really need to fix it and stop misleading people.

  • thareen………!!

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsoooooooooooomeeeeeeeeee….!!!! literally cnt….wait….cnt wait..to get this song on my mp3..!!! lovd it!! itz totaly rocking…!

  • mrs.biebs

    i really love the song….

  • humpyplush

    you spelled “Simmons” wrong