Justin Bieber is Back! Proud of Him!

via @ScooterBraun’s instagram.

According to this text message, Justin was the biggest star at Vanity Fair party in Cannes, France.

  • For you

    OMG he’s back… I’m so happy..


    Wow…..hes 20 years old but look at him now :)

  • Birk

    Considering that Justin Bieber is one the biggest superstars in the entire world, it’s not hard to see that he would be the biggest superstar in a room full of other superstars in film, music, sports or even t.v. I wonder if Scooter Braun was saying that Justin is now back… meaning that his vacation is over and he is now going back to work with personal appearances including concerts?

  • Belieber Boy

    I always believed!!

  • Bieber ♥

    I love him if hes back or not Belieber forever ♥

  • mrs bieber


  • rb

    Justin Bieber is a megastar and a multi-millionaire that’s right up there with the celebrity elite when it comes too wealth. He was in “high photo-op demand” at the party posing with quite a few billionaires: Giorgio Armani $7.2 billion/Lady Tina & Philip Green $5.3 billion/Barry Diller $2.4 billion/Diane von Furstenberg $1.2 billion/Dino Lalvani $1 billion
    Justin was shepherded around the pre-party dinner by none other than IAC chairman Barry Diller which is a big deal!! Barry Diller has a lot of pull when it comes to the broadcasting industry. He must see a higher potential in Justin to give him the time of day

  • Coley

    His always been there , people are just now realising that he’s still the sweet boy he was a few years ago :D

  • Belieber

    Im proud of Justin :)

  • Lailani

    Justin is the cutest guy ever.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Yay im glad hes back to his old self. I knew i could always believe in him. Im so proud of u babe :)

  • pam

    He never left!!!after being on tour for so long,he was just finally getting some freedom and letting loose! Unfortunately people judged him!!! I have never seen a more kind,respectful and religious young man!!! I should know,I am a 48 yr old mother of 5 great teens and I will be so lucky if they all turn out like him!!! God bless you justin and your mom did a perfect job!!!!

  • Nicki

    I am so proud of him. I knew he could do it. I believe in him. Luv you! ;)

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