Justin Bieber Jokingly Asked Mayor Rob Ford If He ‘Bring Any Crack To Smoke?’ Report Says

Justin Bieber Rob Ford smoking crack

Justin Bieber reportedly joked about crack with Toronto mayor Rob Ford when they recently ran into each other at a club in the city.

According to an investigation detailing new drug allegations about the controversial politician, the Toronto Star reports that Mayor Ford’s latest substance abuse “spiral” began on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Mayor Rob Ford Justin Bieber

The Toronto Star says that Mayor Ford was acting erratically on March 15 when his path crossed Justin’s in a common area at the club Muzik.

When the mayor tried to shake JB’s hand, Justin reportedly joked, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?”

Via Toronto Star:

People who were with mayor Rob Ford on March 15 and on a second night, in April, say they believed he was doing drugs. On the April night, an eyewitness saw him doing lines of cocaine.

On March 15, an hour before he disappeared into a washroom at Muzik, Ford ran into pop star Justin Bieber in a common area of the exclusive nightclub near Toronto’s waterfront, according to witnesses. Ford tried to shake Bieber’s hand and became enraged when Bieber jokingly asked him, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?”

Security ushered Ford back to his party booth, where he was entertained, along with the four men, by three paid party hostesses. The Star has been unable to reach Bieber for comment.

  • Lailani

    He loves to make people smile

  • Freddyj

    He luvs to smoke weed

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    • ssoooooo

      Who cares? So does everyone else. Just ask the people in Colorado

      • ssoooooo

        And I don’t mean that offensively at all. I’m a Belieber, it used to really bother me how he’s changed (in some ways it seems not for the better) but I think Beliebers should try to respect his choices as he’s gotten older. Not agree, just respect them. Or just don’t be a Belieber. If he does smoke weed, then accept it and move on, you know?

  • Angelica

    lol HAH, Justin is just tryna tease >.< . S

  • wassup

    So when someone makes a joke about justin everyone gets mad , but when he jokes about someone it’s funny? You guys are idiots.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Why would he joke about crack ???

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  • Nicki

    Lies! Justin will never ask that. :(

  • Birk

    Justin has a wicked sense of humor that some people take the wrong way, but I bet Rob Ford has heard worse.

  • ivan

    This Mayor is a crack smoking hot tempered alcohol drinking clown elected by the same Canadians that put Justin down. Justin was just joking with him; he showed no sense of humor.
    As for Justin, HE DOES NOT SMOKE CRACK OR COKE. Not only did a urine and blood test show that but his former friend Milk Tyson said he does not. Pot is different and much less harmful.

  • #BettyWhite

    Most of Ohio State smokes it. .

  • dragunov

    Bieber is a fool. As ive stated before he is a punk wannabe hardcore shallow brat. He could care less about you “beliebers” but as long as you keep makin him rich. He make your lil cooches wet for the first time and that means money for him and his fake azz posse, who are only friends with this confused dweeb for his fame and money. As soon as he ends up in jail or broke, they will rob whats left and move on. I know your come backs are gonna be im jealous and a hater. We yes i would love to be with selena gomez, and be rich. But I do not think I could act like I am something I am not. He is trying too hard to be hardcore when nothing about his life is very hard. Just wait till he is 30-40 and looks at all his childish ink in the mirror and realizes he was being a dumbazz. Why try to be “ghetto” when you know nothing of it besides listening to hip-hop and gangsta movies. Really?… You all are brainwashed by his media hype and good looks. You’ll all realize the truth after your thru puberty. Oh and your beliber death threats.. No one takes that serious at all. Nobody is scared of a 14 yr old girl. Except maybe a 12 yr old girl. Stay classy beliebers…I know truth hurts

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    stay drug free

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    GET drug free!!!

  • ivone

    Wow! is amazing how people are so naïve and actually believe anything the media says. It’s the media people like TMZ they are going to say bad things about JB because they know he is very popular. Think for just yourselves for just a minute!!