Justin Bieber Jokingly Asked Mayor Rob Ford If He ‘Bring Any Crack To Smoke?’ Report Says

Justin Bieber Rob Ford smoking crack

Justin Bieber reportedly joked about crack with Toronto mayor Rob Ford when they recently ran into each other at a club in the city.

According to an investigation detailing new drug allegations about the controversial politician, the Toronto Star reports that Mayor Ford’s latest substance abuse “spiral” began on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Mayor Rob Ford Justin Bieber

The Toronto Star says that Mayor Ford was acting erratically on March 15 when his path crossed Justin’s in a common area at the club Muzik.

When the mayor tried to shake JB’s hand, Justin reportedly joked, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?”

Via Toronto Star:

People who were with mayor Rob Ford on March 15 and on a second night, in April, say they believed he was doing drugs. On the April night, an eyewitness saw him doing lines of cocaine.

On March 15, an hour before he disappeared into a washroom at Muzik, Ford ran into pop star Justin Bieber in a common area of the exclusive nightclub near Toronto’s waterfront, according to witnesses. Ford tried to shake Bieber’s hand and became enraged when Bieber jokingly asked him, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?”

Security ushered Ford back to his party booth, where he was entertained, along with the four men, by three paid party hostesses. The Star has been unable to reach Bieber for comment.

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