Justin Bieber ‘Looking For You’ ft. Migos – Lyrics + AUDIO


Justin Bieber surprised fans worldwide by premiering a new song called “Looking For You” on Thursday night.

He tweeted a SoundCloud link to his “new sounds,” which featured the full track and its cover art.

Rap group Migos is also featured on the song.

Just a few days ago, Justin teased a different new track, “You Know What You Do to Hurt Me. It’s Working”



Takeoff: Guala!
Bieber: What’s up Migos?
Quavo: What up JB, it’s time to go to the club, time to pull those toys out man. Let’s do it!

[Verse 1: Justin Bieber]
Hey where the party at? Let’s go
Let’s ride, Let’s roll
Yea, everywhere I go
Them girls follow
Na, na, na, na
Let everybody know that I’m here tonight
As soon as I walk in the door
Pretty lady I think I need you in my life
In fact I know I need you for sure

[Pre-Hook: Justin Bieber]
Tonight might be the night
You might mess around and fall in love
And I might be the guy
That’ll make you want to fall in love with him
Girl, what’s your name, happy that you came
I’m the man in this, stick with me, and gain love
Everywhere around the world
I’ll be looking for you

[Hook: Quavo]
Is it her? Lookin’ for you, lookin’ for you
I’m not paparazzi or a stalker
She right in front of me looking for you, looking for you
Not the feds or a cop

[Verse 2: Justin Bieber]
I got money in my pocket and I ain’t afraid to spend it
It ain’t a problem, baby girl when you’re with it
Tell me what you wanna do, we can make a move now
Girl you ain’t gotta fight the feelin’, tell me why you grinning
(Look at her face)
I think you’re likin’ what I’m sayin’
Do I really gotta say any more?
(Say no more)
You need to know I ain’t playin’
(I ain’t playin’)
Baby what are we waitin’ for?

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3: Quavo]
Bad bitches in the party, alcohol on me
Tell the waitress put the sparklers on my 20 PTs (lean!)
I asked her what’s her name – got the know she said Hannah
On the way to the mansion, said she loved the Panamera
In the trap with J.Bieber with my phone chirpin’ like beepers
Mona Lisa, Anna Mae in the pot when I beat her
Take her ‘cross the country, I got plugs on the Visa
Cut your man off little mama, you don’t need him

[Verse 4: Takeoff]
Yeen never seen a nigga like me (TakeOff)
Hopping out, Giussepe steppin, with a mink
Gold chain, Mr. T
In the summer, ina v12 hummer with the leather seats
Would tell you ’bout my mansion but I think they watchin’ me
I’m a vegetarian, all I want is some lettuce and some broccoli
Mansion out in Beverly, yo bitch call me call me “Your Majesty”

[Verse 5: Offset]
My bitch is so gorgeous, I might pay her mortgage
I run to the money like Forrest
My life is historic
Travel ’round the world like I’m in orbit
I take your bitch and dunk her like Ben Gordon
I watch her like a telescope
I beat it and kill it like I’m Lil TerRio
I got your bitch, she watchin’ me like Tyler Perry shows
I’m young and I’m rich, ridin’ in a Phantom Ghost
I paint a picture for niggas like Michelangelo

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

  • Belieber 4 ever

    Omg this is amazing!!!!! In love with it!!!!

    Oh and first comment ;)

    • Lailani

      His songs are pretty hot.

    • roberta brooks

      i know i love it so much i can’t believe he did this song if justin will gone to put it on ringtone i will buy it i love you well done justin for doing this song perfect song so proud for you JB Love you :*

  • Biebs4lyf

    Some of the lyrics of this song are dreadful. I never thought JB would make a song with words “nigga” or disrespecting women so much, calling them “bitches”.

    • Birk

      That was not Justin singing those verses it was Migos. So don’t get so upset over something that Justin never sang. This is hip hop/ R&B music and these type of lyrics are common. It is a great dance track.

      • #biebs4lyf

        Doesn’t matter that it wasn’t JB’s verse, he helped create the track and endorsed it for release.

        I support JB, but I don’t support this song. He is always going on about respecting women, but this song is incredibly disrespectful. The 5th verse is actually very violent. I didn’t really expect JB to produce a song like this.

    • Lol

      Or you can chill. Justin ain’t about to sit there and tell people what to say in his songs. Who cares? It’s for FUN. Stop over analyzing every song he releases. This is what Hip-Hop and Urban music is. They always use those words. And yes, it does matter if he’s not the one saying them. You’re just being petty. But when Drake releases a song when he’s actually saying those words, it’s cool? FOH.

      • #biebs4lyf

        actually I don’t think its cool for anyone to release songs which are so degrading, and I don’t listen to them. Each to their own, but I would hope you respect yourself enough not to find it cool for hip-hop artists to sing this rubbish – do you sit there singing along to these lyrics? “I take your bitch and dunk her like Ben Gordon
        I watch her like a telescope
        I beat it and kill it like I’m Lil TerRio”. They are so violent and I can’t imagine any self-respecting man to sing anything of the sort.

    • Jay

      If you dont like this song, then please dont put ur hateful comments here! Thank you!

      • #biebs4lyf

        They are not hateful comments at all, I have said I disagree with the content of the song, I think the lyrics are violent and very disrespectful to women. The comments section is for expression opinions, which is what I am doing. I have said multiple times that I support JB, I just don’t support this song.
        You shouldn’t label everyone with a different opinion a ‘hater’.

      • Sophia

        #biebs4lyf, you are probably the only belieber here that I actually like. You use your brain when commenting. You idolize Bieber but you know when and when not to support Bieber. I also love how you know that having a different opinion on Bieber doesn’t automatically mean he/she is a hater. Thanks for giving me hope that there are actually decent beliebers out there.

    • Al

      I know I’m not a bitch so yes

    • Byb

      So true! Thats offensive. Or when he say : lets roll … C’mon justin :/

  • Hafsa-shariff.

    I always knew that Justin would come back with some amazing music. And here it is.

  • Reem Bieber ♥ Proud Belieber forever ♥

    Soooo niceee Justiin ♥ you’re the besssst ♥
    love ya forevaa ♥

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    I love this song so much! XD

  • Belieber

    Finally an up-song. I like it.

  • stringbiebs

    I hate this song. Justin shouldn’t have released this crap. The rap part is just awful weather Justin sung it or not, he shouldn’t allow that type of stuff in his songs if he wants to be known as more than a punk.


      I agree with you this song is trash it totally disrespects women too

      • Alexa

        if you don’t like it, then don’t comment, weren’t beliebers supposed to NOT criticize Justin’s music? Guess you’re not a belieber. No, you need to understand that he’s growing up, maybe you need to also.

    • Lailani

      Seriously, uh are you that stupid or pathetic. They do have music producers or writers to do it for them.

      • Sophia

        Haha, you just contradicted what most of you beliebers say when people say Bieber is not talented. Most of you beliebers claim that Bieber writes his own music. But here you are saying that they have “music producers or writers to do it for them”. Seems like the only actual talent Bieber has is playing (?) instruments.

        Actually Lailani, you’re stupid AND pathetic.

      • Lailani

        Really read between the lines you fool.

      • ….

        People here have constructive things to say to voice their opinions about disliking the lyrics. You there for are not very constructive so you should get lost if you cannot have a intelligent debate.

      • Sophia

        Lailani, what? You know what, never mind. It’s completely a waste of time if I continue arguing with you because you obviously don’t have an open mind.

        …., I don’t understand you.. Why are you telling me this?

      • Lailani

        Oh my goodness. Like I care what you say. GTFO.


    I think that should be moderate in criticism this song waiting what Justin Bieber’ll tell .

  • Hannah Bieber

    I dont care about the lyrics. I mean its normal bcuzz rap songs have lyrics like that and this is hip hop/R&B. I just dont like migos part tho. They can’t rap

  • believe bieber

    Bitch,nigga……these words in hiphop is normal,I don’t care,i don’t hate these.

  • Nicki

    Omg! I like this song. Justin did a good job and the rest of them. You go guys.


    Im very upset at Justin -___- i tougt he said he would never have bad words in his music but i guess people lie !! :/ i can’t trust him anymore this song totally disrespects women

    • Birk

      If Justin wants to be taken seriously in the hip hop industry then he has partner with other artists that are at the top of the game, most of them do have lyrics like this.. Hip hop is not exactly known for having wholesome artists and lyrics..LOL Eminem had far worse lyrics than this and he won 13 Grammys and is well respected as a rap artist.

      • ….

        people don’t have alot of respect for rap artists except for gang bangers and thug wanna bes. If Justin wants to win some AMA and other awards going rap isn’t the way to go. People are not more than ever going to see he’s trying too hard to pull the thug persona. Crazy thing is many pop artists that try to sway away from the pop culture and into something else very abruptly lose alot of their fan bases. He needs to change the style of his music gradually and i don’t think rap is the way to go, not everyone likes rap and they aren’t viewed and respected highly.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Its just a song calm down. Justin didn’t say those words migos did soo yea and lyrics like this is normal for hip hop

  • Believe forever124

    I know why are you guys over exaggerated it’s a song it is not like it’s the end of the world just calm down.

  • Believe forever124

    And he didn’t even says does words so stop gosh people

  • Sophia

    This song has catchy lyrics and great beats. Bieber’s voice matured and became manly. But I do hope he continues singing/composing songs about ‘believing in your dreams’ or ‘not giving up’ or ‘never say never’ because that’s what his singing career mainly is about. When you hear the name ‘Justin Bieber’, you’ll think of ‘never say never’ & ‘believe’ because that’s what his singing career and life is about. But now, he sings songs like this or about sex or about partying. Sure, there’s no harm in that, he’s trying new things. But I hope he doesn’t go too far and doesn’t make his album all about these type of music. I know Bieber can do better. He’s got a good voice and he’s composed a bunch of decent meaning songs. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t make the most out of them.

  • Sophia

    I see most of you beliebers are fussing about the lyrics of the song. Sure, Bieber may not have sang the parts with foul words but it’s HIS SONG. It’s ‘Justin Bieber feat. Migos’. I don’t know if he composed the song but he approved of the lyrics. He didn’t make any complaints about the foul words and realizing that he has a lot of younger fans and fans who took it to heart that he won’t be including foul words in his music.


      Yep totally agree

    • Birk

      PYD was about sex, and it featured the King of R&B; R. Kelly. The lyrics in that song was about having sex all over the house! Not that many people complained about it, probably because R. Kelly is known for having songs like that . People who listen to hip hop are not complaining about the lyrics in this song either. Justin said he wouldn’t swear in his songs, well he kept his word so far!

      • Sophia

        I don’t understand why you’re telling me this.. But okay? Haha.

  • maylinaa

    grow up guys, Stop over analyzing every song he releases. I know that this song is incredibly disrespectful. but he is always going on about respecting women. I mean, who cares with these lyrics? It’s just for fun. Just calm down.

    • Lailani

      Uh seriously, Justin can write about anything he wants.

  • dchopsey

    This is definitely NOT one of Justin’s best. Just don’t like it. This is got to be one of only three songs that I just cannot listen to. Sorry Justin. GOD bless you Justin

  • Belieber

    His music is getting better and better. One of my fave songs.

  • Azaria

    Everyone complaining about the swearing in it have forgotten “Beauty And A Beat”, a song that was released on an official release and as a single, where Nicki Minaj says the word “bitch”. Justin seems to like to have fun with rappers and in the end they don’t seem to appear on his own albums. This is definitely about sex, but the thing is you need to grow up, because Justin is. Most of you were his age when he started, so you’re just holding on to that little boy you know from back when he started. This song is bad, not because of the swearing and the sex theme, but because it’s poorly done and Migos sounds terrible. And you know, this is why it wasn’t put out as a paid download, it was probably something Justin felt wasn’t as great as he had hoped so he said “Why not let the Beliebers have a listen anyways?” If you can’t grow up with him you’re going to be disappointed time after time. He’s a boy, he’s having sex, he’s swearing, he’s experimenting, it’s life. I’m sorry if you feel bad about a demo song, but he’s not gonna stay 14 forever.

    • #biebs4lyf

      nobody cares that he is singing about more mature things like love and sex and stuff. I think most people (including myself) have a problem with how violent and disrespectful towards women the rap verse is.

  • Liliana

    His songs are amazing. I love you so much Justin, your belieber for life

  • cookieface

    Its obvious theyre using justin. Would he produce a song like that. No. His songs don’t degrade but explain complicated relationships plus he didn’t call us girls b###### even in the drake remix. So we eshould just cut justin out the song and listen to Justin’s verses.

  • william hyde

    This is the only jb song I just can’t stand, probably because it’s the only one he actually wrote and released independent of a label and songwriter. If you look on his album credits, all of his songs are written by other people. He just sings. Pooh Bear wrote and produced almost all of Journals even though JB lied and said they were songs he wrote on the rode in his journal. I still love believe and journals because he’s a good singer and pooh bear is the shit, but this is just garbage. The lyrics make no sense and Migos is god-awful. Seems like JB has just been brain washed by awful rap music and thinks the life style of people like lil wayne and juicy j is cool so he’s trying to copy them and wants to be accepted by them. It’s only gonna get worse from here, i guarantee it. This is his “Miley Cyrus” phase where he starts to make meaningless hip hop. He was brought up on eminem, he’s a product of the culture. Life imitates art and now he’s trying to imitate the rap stars he was told to idolize by the likes of mtv and vh1 when he was young. It’s sad really, I hope he snaps out of it.

  • ….

    I don’t care for the lyrics and i don’t like where his music is turning into or heading towards there are better directions he can take if he wants is music to grow with the fans. I can gaurantee if he tries to go into the rap genre he’s going to lose alot of fans. He can’t be putting the word “nigga” in there either cuz he ain’t black. This thug wanna be persona is not attractive

  • Belieber4ever

    Why don’t ALL you haters just pull your shit together! You all cannot expect him to sing songs about ‘puppy love’ when he’s 20! Use that thing called brains in your heads!!

    • what?

      So people giving constructive criticsm is automatically a hater? you got it all twisted. Just because people do not like the lyrics does not mean they are haters!. 2ndly no one expects him to sing puppy love songs anymore but if he wants to change the direction of his music rap is not the way to go that is the whole friggin’ point. There are many artists out there that are 30’s and so on that have respectful lyrics that aren’t trashing women and using the n words unless you’re a rapper.

      • Birk

        Migos is a rap trio group… Did you miss that? Urban music has a lot of artists that use language that you probably object to as well.. I suppose you have no problem with Drake who is in his 20’s and uses words even worse like this in his songs.. Why are you mentioning people in their 30’s and Justin Bieber who just turned 20 back in March? R&B music is urban music and it also has some hip hop elements in songs. This is actually more of a R&B track with rap elements.

    • Lailani

      I tots agree@belieber for ever. You people need to get over it.,

  • Sophia

    Bieber’s voice matured & deepened. But I’m sure he can still hit high notes and such (I saw the beauty & beat recording video). What I really don’t understand is why Bieber chooses to use his voice for rapping when he can actually sing. Sure, his voice is nasal now but his voice is still a gift and is quite unique (which is what got his career started). However, he is good in rapping (I’d like to see some freestyles on YouTube, Bieber) but he’s better in the actual singing. A couple of rap tracks but please, more actual singing. Bieber has a talent for actual singing, why waste it on rapping?

  • Sophia

    Honestly, I liked this song until verse 3 came. Pre-hook and hook got me hooked. Remove verse 3-5 & this might actually be a decent song. Bieber’s voice sounds good when rapping but I wouldn’t want his singing career turn to a rapping career. Bieber has a decent voice, I hope he uses it wisely.

  • Susie

    I’m sorry…but….(I really hate to say this) Justin is SUCH an idiot!! Like,seriously? It is NOT cool to cuss and talk trash like that! And he’s always getting in fights and being a jerk and he doesn’t make me happy like he used to.And he doesn’t even look good anymore! I mean,he totally could,but with all the tattoos and chains and baggy pants he looks like a homeless person.I have been a loyal belieber since august 2011 and I still CARE about him I just really don’t like how he’s acting.I really thought he changed but recently he’s been pretty not good,think about it,be honest with yourself.I’m not hating, I’m just saying.It’s sad.I’m definitely praying for him.But honestly he needs to grow up.people,including us beliebers! need to stop making excuses for him.He’ll never grow up that way.#Sad #Pray4Justin :( :(

  • Hannah Bieber

    I dont care about the lyrics . I love this song !!!!!!

    • Lailani

      I love his voice. I wonder what Song is Justin doing with trey songz