Justin Bieber Offered $1 Million to Appear in Strip Club TV Commercial Ads


Justin Bieber isn’t even 21 yet. But he has been offered $1 million to appear in TV commercials for a chain of strip clubs.

Marketing executives at porn0grapher Larry Flynt’s Hustler Clubs empire have fired off a letter to JB asking him to front a TV promo for the company’s venues.

In the leaked letter, marketing director David Lieberman suggests Justin kisses a bikini-clad lapdancer in a possible commercial, as well as appearing in another advert promoting the U.K. Hustler Club, with a girl wearing a skimpy Union Jack outfit.

As well as a $1 million payday, club bosses have promised to throw Justin a 21st birthday party, alongside his father, Jeremy Bieber.

According to editors at the New York Daily News, the letter say:

There is a time honored tradition in this great country of ours of fathers taking their sons to Strip Clubs when they reach 21 to learn what it means to truly be a man, and Justin can set a shining example in continuing that uniquely American rite of passage – even though we know of course that Justin is Canadian.

Justin turns 21 next March.

Should he take this offer?

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