Justin Bieber’s Discussion on Steve Harvey Show – VIDEO

Justin Bieber on Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey assembles an all-star panel of women – actress Holly Robinson Peete, news anchor Robin Meade and TV personality Tabatha Coffey – to talk about Justin Bieber.

Watch video below:

  • Kristine

    I agree so much to all of this ♡

  • Sophia

    I suppose that male figure should be his father. But knowing that he was absent when Justin was growing up, Jeremy can’t be that male figure. And coincidentally, when Justin got famous, Jeremy pops in. I’m no saying he’s a bad father but what I am saying is that he can’t be that male figure in Justin’s life. The best option would be Scooter. Scooter can guide him and stop him when he’s going overboard. But I just don’t know if that’s happening and if it is, I’m not sure if Justin will listen. Seeing the group of people he surrounds himself at this time, they are probably one of the reasons why Justin has changed so much and doing all these terrible choices.

    • Maddi Bieber

      Well actually Jeremey wasn’t in Justin’s life when he was a child because pattie considered him a bad influence. And even thought she thought that, Jeremey was still in Justin’s life before he was famous. But your right, Scooter IS A much better choice as a male role model as you could call it

    • Lailani

      Really, Justin has, scooter, his dad, usher and his good friend ryan good. You haters needs to STFU

  • ivan

    He IS now trying to do the right things; he has had no problems for 2 months now. that shine in Japan thing was nothing-the media and people exaggerated on that.

  • Nicki

    He is doing much better.

    • Lailani

      You people know nothing about him.

  • Lailani

    Uh really people, he has his pastor Judah

    • Lailani

      Please stop pretending to be me. Hop off & get your own identity.

      • Lailani

        Uh STFU really idiot

    • Lailani

      That’s because the tabloids are full of shit.

  • Lailani

    I only like Justin for his looks. I don’t give a single crap about his music.

    • Lailani

      Poser, all you people do is pose as me. STFU

  • ivone

    The blonde lady hit right on the spot if it was any body else we would NOT care but thanks to TMZ and the media they exaggerate everything he does because they love to make him look bad. When are people going to see that?!?

  • elizabeth

    I am a big fan of justin Bieber. He is so hot and I love his music so much

  • #1belieber

    I agree 100% with those people. Justin will learn when the time comes okay guys. He hasn’t had any serious problem for the past couple of months. That means somebody HAS been guiding him. We just don’t know who he is. Could be someone we don’t even know about.

    • Lailani

      What do they know. There old and stupid. Know shit about Justin

  • Belieber

    They are right 100%. I believe that Justin is trying to be better and he has been these past few months. I just think he needs a dad figure that says ‘No’ to things he does that may get him into trouble. I’m not saying Justin’s dad is a bad father. I’m just saying yes, you can agree that Justin’s dad does go partying because that is what he does and Justin is following along and thinks he can do that. And I believe people need to tell Justin ‘listen, I don’t think this is a good decision you are making. Think twice before you do something that you think could cause bad’. That is the kind of person who needs to be like this towards Justin.

  • Hannah Bieber

    I agree with all those people. People use Justin for his money and Justin doesnt realize it. U see alot of people on the news getting arrested and little kids throwing eggs and people dont care. But when it comes to Justin bieber or any other celeb people make a big deal out of it. I mean hes a normal person .he makes mistakes but since hes famous people expect him to be perfect. He will learn from his mistakes. He just needs someone to guide him and help him like scooter or pattie or whoever.so far hes doing ok and he hasnt gotten in any trouble and hopefully in the future he doesnt

  • Birk

    The sad part is that there really is nobody to say No! It’s true that everyone around Justin is rather on his payroll or is supported somehow by Justin. It’s really sad. I wish he did have someone who is a older male figure that is not afraid to stand up to him and tell him when he is doing something wrong and what the possible consequences are. Right now all he has around him are his “crew” who are bad influences in their own right. My wish is that Justin breaks away from those bad influences and seeks out someone who is a male figure to guide him.

  • Sophia

    Justin has no one in his life who is there to guide him to the right path. You may say his parents but the disappointing thing is they caused him more harm than good. Pattie was the reason Justin got hold of the pills and if ever landed him on a more serious case. Jeremy was seen partying and doing ridiculous things alongside Justin. Scooter? Scooter is a pretty busy man, you will notice that in most of Justin’s pictures and videos, Scooter isn’t present. His pastor? He’s not present most of the time to guide Justin. As sad as it sounds, Justin is lost & to have him find his clear path, he needs to be surrounded by people who genuinely care and are not just in it for the fame and money. Someone who will be present alongside Justin through his journey. Someone older and wiser to stop Justin from doing and saying stupid things. But, that will be quite hard to find knowing his status and the amount of money he has.

  • lambor500S

    I hope that Scooter will forever stay in Justin’s life. Business wise and for good times as well. Scooter is more like a big brother to Justin and he’s s great role model. Someone that Justin, can talk about anything.
    Much love!