Justin Bieber & Paris Hilton Leaving Gotcha Nightclub in Cannes Together

Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton Gotcha Night CLub 1

Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton were pictured together leaving Gotha Nightclub in Cannes, France on Saturday night, after celebrating Busta Rhymes’ birthday.

Paris followed behind the Biebs as they left the venue amongst a horde of people.

Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton Gotcha Night CLub 5

Justin posed for selfies with fans along the way, tweeting that night: ‘Loving life’.

Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton Gotcha Night CLub 4

He kept it casual in an oversized white T-shirt teamed with very baggy blue jeans and large white sneakers.
Justin wore his brown hair gelled upward and sported a gold chain necklace.

  • Justin.G.

    He is so cute, I love him much ♡♡

  • Catrin

    I was just watching the believe trailer and I was wondering does anyone know why in one part he’s leaning against glass and there’s water/rain going on him? Did they use it as a scene for something?

    • Belieber

      its a part of the believe tour for like a song

      • Lailani

        Wonder if Justin and Paris went to different clubs. Highly doubt that there friends

  • Hannah Bieber

    Glad hes happy :)

  • Evie fitri basronie

    I love u JB

  • say no to paris Hilton!

    Justin if you know anything about Paris Hilton i hope it was just a hello and goodbye. Don’t have any relationship with her she is known to latch onto famous people ( like Selena Gomez) and throw them to the side after she gets noticed. She’s done it to many other celebs in the past and especially a very heated relationship with Nick Carter from the backstreet boys. Be very careful!

  • BabyGirl Belieber

    wna go party wit my bae Justin Bieber

  • Nicki

    Have Fun! & Be Safe! ;)

  • ivan

    Paris is not Justin’s type and he is not interested in her that way; Justin is friendly with everyone. She’s the one who probably tried to flirt with him.

  • Birk

    Justin had flawless skin for the past 4 years or so, I wonder why now within the past year he has broken out in acne? Come on Justin, you can afford the best acne meds.. I know lots of people break out with acne once in a while, but when it’s Justin Bieber that it happens to, then everybody notices.