Justin Bieber & Pattie at Clippers Game on Mothers Day – May 11(Gallery)

Justin Bieber & Pattie Mallette at Clippers Game on Mothers day

Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Mallette attend an NBA playoff game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center on May 11, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Justin Bieber & Mark Wahlberg at the Clippers Game vs

Justin sits court side at the Los Angeles Clippers vs Oklahoma City Thunder, he shook hands with actor Mark Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durham, also sitting court side was legendary actor and huge Clippers fan Billy Crystal.

Justin Bieber Pattie Mallette eating at clippers game

@sirbizzle: Took my mom to the game.. She’s more focussed on the food :p

MORE pics in the gallery below:

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Watch VIDEO:

Time together on Mother’s Day at the Clippers game w my babyyyyyy.

May 11, 2014|

  • Jada

    Cute they have the best mother and son realtionship happy Mother’s Day pattie

    • Lailani

      Justin just loves his mom.

  • Katie

    OMG justin looks so grown up and tough in that picture:) xD probably my fab picture so far. Shows how manly he is :)

  • Jujubee1996

    He is sooooo gorgeous omg…asdfghjk

  • Belieber

    Aww they are so cute <3

    • Lailani

      I’m so aww of Justin and his mom

  • Hannah bieber

    Awwww that was nice of him. Hope they had a good time <3 happy Mother's Day pattie and beliebers <3

  • lambor500S

    Very cool!
    Happy Mothers Day! Pattie

    And to all Beliebers that are mothers
    Much love!

  • Lailani

    They are so cute together

  • Turkey2turkey

    Yay she wore the shirt I got her for Mother’s Day luv u auntie pattie and justin

    • Lailani

      Shut up. It’s not funny anymore. F*ck off & stop pretending to be Justin’s cousin.

  • Lailani

    I’d love to have a threesome with Justin & Pattie. Sucking Justin’s d*ck while fingering Pattie’s p*ssy.

    • Lailani

      Uh that’s my poser. Get your damn Name fool

    • Lailani

      Seriously you need to find own damn name. And get your head examined

    • Lailani

      You need to get your head examined

      • Lailani

        You need to get your own identity! Sure, like I have time to pose as someone else. Stop pretending to be me, please. I’m the REAL Lailani and it’s quite annoying how YOU’RE pretending to be me and accusing me of posing you! You are so f*cked up!

  • Turkey2turkey

    Omg justin said don’t put stuff like tht on here

    • Lailani

      Yeah right. You’re just jealous that Justin would choose to finger me than your ugly ass. ..|..

      • Lailani

        Poser GTFO, your just sick poser

      • Lailani

        Poser GTFO fool. Your clearly demented and stupid.


    Happy Mather Day !

    • Lailani

      It’s mOther you dumbass fool.


        I’m sorry !

  • MajkaBelieber

    Justin looks so happy ♥ And he is aslo very hansome :* I love him ♥

    • Rachel Greenberg

      can you come to the house Justin drew Bieber?

  • david conway

    Lailani- that is disgusting. I mean, really disgusting. Hope you die in house fire.

    • Rachel Greenberg

      I want to win a date with Justin bieber please?

      • Turkey2turkey

        Ok I’ll ask justin to do a drawing again

    • Lailani

      Why are you so jealous? Justin will f*ck me all day long and you’re just a jealous ass. STFU idiot.

      • Lailani

        Yeah that’s why your posing as me.

  • ivan

    He was booed by some in the audience when he was shown but you could expect that of someone as famous as he is besides they are rude idiots Who should be shining shoes.


    I like that he wears jeans… OMG his beard.. so so so cute.. And his mom is a beautiful women.
    I LOVE JB AND PATTIE …beautiful humans…
    asdfgh Justin !!!! I LOOOOVVEEE UUU 4EVER. ;****

    • Sophia

      Your grammar sickens me. Do you even know how an actual beard looks like? So much things awfully wrong in your comment. Please, before spending your time idolizing this kid, go back to school & learn proper English.

  • hayet22

    Sophia if u r neither a hater nor a belieber why do u spend so much time posting comments here y don’t u go check on whoever popstar dat u like (probably selena) and leave us express our love to the kid properly?

  • Susie

    OMG That pic where Justin’s greeting Mark’s wife,MAJOR nip slip!! Ha ha

    • Birk

      Ha ha ! I just noticed now that you mentioned it. I guess that can happen even to guys… LOL

  • Birk

    The bad part about this day was that some ignorant people decided to boo Justin at this basketball game. Get over it haters! There is nothing you can do to get him down.

  • david conway

    There are young kids on this forum so refrain from foul language. Particularly. Kalani/lailani/elvis

    Lailani is 8 and the crap that comes out of her filthy filthy mouth

    • Lailani

      Uh poser, seriously you need help

  • Sarah Bieber

    am i the only one who thinks his lips look really pale? is he sick or something?

  • Nicki


  • Ariella

    At the beginning when I saw Justin he looked like he was having fun and he was entertained.His mom was smiling because she had fun with him.Happy Mother’s Day to everyone’s mom and Pattie!! :) I like the pics.The first pic had Pattie taking a selfie of her with Justin wich was cute,the second was Justin shaking hands with an actor and his wife.And the last one is funny…Justin taking a pic of himself with his mom and Pattie had her hotdog LOL.I love you Justin!!!!!

  • mya

    <3<3 I love him <3 he looks so cute