Justin Bieber Releases Teaser for Emotional New Song: “It’s Working”


Though he’s been living it up at the Cannes Film Festival, Justin Bieber has still made time to work on his music.

He took to Instagram to give his fans a taste of a new song, posting a video that proves he isn’t afraid to show off his emotional side, calling out someone’s ability to “hurt” him.

“You know exactly what to do to hurt me/ It’s working, it’s working,” the lyrics echo both the title and his sentiment, repeating twice.

Hm…who could he be singing about? Perhaps ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez?

This isn’t the first time we’ve surmised that Justin has posted a song about his on again off again flame – and it’s likely not the last.

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Yes! Finely a new song! XD

    • Lailani

      The song is pretty good.

  • Smilesometimes

    It might be about Selena,but is anyone else getting tired of every one of his new songs is automatically probably about Selena (that sentence probably didn’t make sense but oh well

    • Lailani

      Wonder if justin and Selena will ever get back together

      • jelenator


  • rb

    This song is for his fans or to let Selena know how he feels about her!The power of a woman when you’re in love with her: Selena is almost there, he will change; look; he’s wearing a suite! ‘You know exactly what to do to hurt me'; It’s Working!

    • Lailani

      I’m so aww of justin and Selena together. They are so good together

  • Maybe

    Maybe he was talking about the media

    • danielle womble

      maybe my boyfriend’s talking about the media and selena

    • Al

      Paps are part of the media and why did everyone start saying maybe

  • Hannah Bieber

    Maybe hes talking about the haters and the paparazzi and all the rumors and the media. The song sounds really good <3 <3

    • exposingsmg.tumblr.com/

      I agree just because he makes music about his feelings doesn’t automatically mean it’s for Selena. People are so obsessed about that.

  • Liana

    What’s working????

  • Emma

    I really don’t appreciate you just copying this whole thing from EOnline. At least give credit to them somewhere.

  • HilarySwag

    YES!! This is the style of music that he should be making! Sounds awesome:D

  • Belieber

    thb its a sad song. probably talking about the haters or all the rumors…maybe.

  • nicki

    That’s a really nice song! Luv it!


    i feel were justin is coming from beacuse tmz are always making him fucking mad and its for selena beacuse she broke his heart and diss him and she just used him for fame and i love the song so much

  • Elisa

    Not sure going listen right now tell later when done listening to it okay love ya

  • Elisa

    I love it such great song justin bieber i really enjoy your songs i love it alot bieber

  • Elisa

    I do not mean love as artist okay not other way around so do not think this wrong way ok

  • lambor500S

    Nice song! Hopefully you will get past your pain soon. or when you and Selena makeup.

    Much love!

  • Elisa

    Just i never love anyone before so never found that one true love just sad and single for while hate saying it because i don’t have one

  • Elisa

    Moving on try my best not to cry

  • Elisa

    Just never got chance to say i love you that one person am not sure if other person did just hurt so much in my heart just do not know what do about that really did i love that person who now go on year just flow by i miss him i wish thing where back to way use be hurt alot feeling so emotional right now crying a river now

  • Elisa

    I am sorry

  • Elisa


  • Elisa

    I guess it over now never came back bye forever

  • Elisa

    That what i think though it true but guess wasn’t after all feel no different now though. I love u

  • Elisa

    That what i think though it true but guess wasn’t after all feel no different now though i love u

  • Elisa

    Bye no comments

  • Elisa

    I never cheat on that guy i just stay alone cry try to forget about but just cannot forget the past have not forgotten that

  • Elisa

    Even if was along time ago i guess i just have let it go

  • Elisa

    I don’t even went spent my rest life wasted

  • Azaria

    This is definitely much better than the Journals stuff. I didn’t care for any of the songs on that album.

    As for the above comments, keep in mind that artists take liberties in the lyrics and may exaggerate the lyrics and themes to make a better song. I don’t know if someone cheated on him (that’d be stupid, unless he’s really bad in bed I suppose) but of course lyrics will be taken differently by every listener. It doesn’t sound like a good single, but definitely a good song.

  • Elisa

    Who care

  • Elisa

    No way never left rb still love