Justin Bieber Responds Seth Rogen’s Hate on Twitter

Justin Bieber Seth Rogen Fight

Seth Rogen had some bad things to say about Justin Bieber, and he’s showing no signs of stopping.

The talk continued on The Today Show (May 7) where Rogen was slightly more censored but no less talkative about his hatred of the Biebs. Watch video below: You can jump to around 2:40 in to get to that.

As he explained to host Matt Lauer:

None of these people in this room like Justin Bieber. I can guarantee you that… I don’t know anybody who likes Justin Bieber.

To me the idea that a grown man doesn’t like Justin Bieber is not a controversial thought. Like, why would I? It would be much weirder if I did like Justin Bieber, to me.

Justin responds via Twitter: “some people just want to criticize people they do not know. [It] is what it is.”



Justin must have gotten tired of being the topic of conversation, because he attempted to silence Seth Rogen with a subtle sassy comment! Seth Rogan, sorry I didn’t bow down when I asked 2 meet u. Was probably a bit shy and didn’t want to be over the top but still. love ur movies.” he wrote on twitter.

Justin Bieber Seth Rogen Tweet

  • siavash

    weirdest laugh ever ! He is just a motherf****r !

    • Lailani

      What does Seth know shit. He’s a dumbass.

  • Nicki

    I luv Justin. And with the bad comments and things is ridiculous.


    Seth Rogens just fk off and mind ur own buissness!!
    Why are people jealous of him
    Hes 20 years old and hes doing a better job than any one else would :)

    • Lailani

      Is he that stupid or just ignorant. His beliebers and jelena fans just adore him.

  • Lailani

    Seth Rogan knows nothing about justin. He’s good guy.

    • real life

      You know nothing about him..

  • Hannah bieber

    Seth knows nothing about him so I would just keep my mouth shut

    • real life

      You should do that then..

    • Ass face

      Hannah Bieber… Fan boy/girl/thing much? Also, how well do you think you know Justin?fail

  • Belieber

    Seth knows nothin’ about Justin, so he can shutup

  • Justin’s Belieber

    lol i love the hashtag! i hate seth rogen! he’s a freakin’ jerk! he doesn’t even know justin like us beliebers do. Seth rogen needs to stop hating on justin before us beliebers attack him. We have attacked drake bell before so i’m pretty sure that most of us would do the same thing to seth rogen. I know i would.

    • Ass face

      God you all suck so hard… Attack Seth… I’m sure he is terrified about all your pre pubescent threats.

      • gg

        Why is ur stupid ass on here im sick and tired of dip shit ppl like u keep talking shit about ppl thats how some ppl die

      • Birk

        You are living up to your name all right.. Keep it up!

  • swaagg

    HE needs to stop thats stupid he doesnt even know justin he probally thinks hes being funny

  • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber-Horan-Tomlinson

    That’s because Seth Rogen is just another creepy ass C-List celeb, who feels he should jump on a sissy bandwagon and hate.

    • KidrauhlKrave

      More like F-List

      • Ass face

        The more people that agree with you the more it’s true… More like f triple minus list. Am I right belieber douche bags?

    • Lailani

      Seth rogan is a bit creepy.

  • m l

    seth rogan is a good example of a guy who uses the missfortunes of others to make himself look big and important. the people that count, and not him, know the real Justin and what he can do. before I knew of rogans hate on bieber I already saw him as a crude loudmouth.

  • KidrauhlKrave

    I love how loads of celebrities that aren’t in Justin’s rank hate on him but he doesn’t hate on them (at least not publicly) He handles it so well, always positive. That’s what I love about Justin is he doesn’t talk down to others even if they are lower than him.

  • DeVold

    Justin is a wanna be wigged!! The culture he promotes and the likes of him are sickening and touchy to the world… Only a mindless teenage girl in love with the world would like this douch… Seth 2016!

  • DeVold

    Justin is a wanna be wigger!! The culture he promotes and the likes of him are sickening and toxic to the world and society as a whole.. Only a mindless teenage girl in love with the world would like this douch… Seth 2016!

    • real life

      You’re giving him way too much credit.. he’s not nearly important enough to affect the world..

    • Ass face


    • Birk

      You are a wigger, so that does that mean it takes one to know one??

  • Sophia

    Bieber gets criticized because people are fully aware that our youth is idolizing him. People criticize him because they want him to be better, to act better and to think better. Whether he likes it or not, there are people out there who treat him as a role-model/inspiration. Yes, Rogen doesn’t know him, personally, but what he’s giving as an impression to the media shows that he is an arrogant douche bag. I know that that’s not completely true but he’s not doing anything to show that he’s not. It actually depends on how you’re going to take it, whether it is criticism or hate. Don’t take it personal attack but as room for improvement. Bieber should prove that he isn’t an arrogant douche bag.

    • Ass face

      How can an ignorant douche bag show that he is not such?

      • Sophia

        Actually, I don’t know. He’s always be an arrogant douche bag, but he’s not all to blame. I’m just saying that maybe he can still change for the better but I don’t know how and I don’t know if he will.

      • Birk

        Are you asking Beliebers for advice for YOURSELF?

    • Lailani

      He’s a good guy. Not a douchbag

  • Sophia

    Here we go again. Just because Rogen said something negative about Bieber, all you butthurt beliebers feel like it’s your responsibility to attack him. Sure, you ‘love’ Bieber but you have to accept that not everyone will love him. Our youth is idolizing Bieber & people like Rogen expressed their opinion online so that Bieber can see them and instead of taking it as a personal attack, take them as motivation to prove them wrong. Would you want our youth to illegally use drugs, drive while under the influence of a controlled substance or blatantly disrespect others. Just because Bieber went through all that and still doing it doesn’t mean it’s okay.

    • Maddi Bieber

      Well first of all he was innocent with the DUI situation. And second, we attack people that attack Justin on social networks because he doesn’t deserve it. He works a lot harder then you haters think. He may make a few mistakes here and there but I can assure you that most of the stuff you see on the media that he does is either completely fake, or half true. It’s never 100% true. They make it look worse then it is. So look into your story’s a little more before criticizing. And no, people don’t criticise Justin to make him a better person. It’s either to got more publicity OR Just because they want to hurt him. So yea, my rant is over. Carry on Beliebers (but from what I see, mostly haters, which I kindly ask to leave)

      • Sophia

        Hilarious. Just because I said a couple of negative/not-so positive things about Bieber, you classify me as a ‘hater’? No, I’m not a hater. But I’m not saying I’m a fan of him nor his music. But I understand his situation & the pressure. I respect him & he’s not all to blame for his terrible actions. Sure, he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol BUT he was under the influence of a controlled substance (Xanax). That’s a little misconception people tend to believe. Okay, so you admit on attacking other people just because they said something negative about Bieber. But, do you think it’s necessary? You’re plainly adding fuel to the fire. And from what I see, butthurt beliebers like you who reply to most of the hate comments Bieber get, they come back because they see that what they say are pissing you off. Which is hilarious, because you know what? It’s not Bieber they hate but beliebers. Beliebers make up all these pathetic excuses to make up for Bieber’s misbehavior. Sure, he makes mistakes but having people like you who constantly say that and say that ‘he’s only human!’ will make him think that he can continue with this foolishness because people can easily make up excuses for him. Work hard? His music are all about sex, girls & partying. How is that working hard? Meaningless songs. Someone made a total of 50 songs when he was in LA and they have meaning (I’m not telling you who it is, wouldn’t want people like you to listen to his music). You know what? Don’t even get me started will beliebers saying that media makes Bieber look bad. Bieber made himself look bad. Wait, so the egging, peeing in the mop bucket, disrespecting Anne Frank aren’t true? And also donating to charities & Avalanna aren’t true? You said it, whatever is in media is fake or half true. How is that getting publicity? Expressing your opinion about someone who our youth looks up to? As a matter of fact, Rogen will get a ton of bashers and haters because of publicly expressing his opinion. Well, duh, criticisms aren’t for you to feel good about yourself but a chance and pointers for you to improve. You know what, I’m not going to explain myself again because you are obviously too close-minded and blinded to understand.

      • Birk

        Of course Justin Bieber is human, he isn’t a robot! He is going through a difficult stage of growing up, and he can’t even make a mistake without the entire world watching and judging him on it.. Nobody else has ever had to go through that like he has to.. Then again no one before him ever grew up in social media before, so that is why Justin is under the world’s microscope. Beliebers know he has been criticized for every single thing possible since he was 14/15 and the over analyzing only gets worse. Justin was the most bullied teenager in the world, now he has become the most bullied young adult.

    • Birk

      Get your facts straight!! There was evidence of Xanax and weed in his system but there has NOT been any evidence that he was under the influence to the point of intoxication.. Big difference, in fact it is the difference between facing jail time or not! These type of drugs can stay in your system for days after you have taken them.. That does not mean that days later you can still be high or under the influence from them either. Justin has been disrespected since he first became famous at age 15, so where is your comment about that?

      • Sophia

        In case you didn’t know, the Xanax he took? He wasn’t prescribed of that. So, he was illegally using that drug. But that doesn’t change the fact that he illegally used the drug and knowingly drove with that substance in his body. For heaven’s sake, he could’ve killed an innocent person with his reckless driving! But what can I do, you beliebers will continuously support and defend him even if he murdered someone. Yeah, I know. I know that he isn’t all to blame for his terrible actions. That’s a possible reason, another one is not having a stable crew/friends who keep you grounded and focused. Another one is having a whole fanbase defending you whether you did right or wrong. Especially when you clearly did wrong and a bunch of beliebers will come and make up pathetic excuses for your misbehavior. Instead of letting you learn the consequences of your actions, you constantly hear that it’s okay to make mistakes because you are human.

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    Um, actually the thing with Justin egging his neighbor’s house hasn’t been proven to be him so how can you honestly say that it was him? How is saying that he wished to go back in time to meet Anne Frank and sing to her because he heard she liked pop culture disrespecting her? And these haters like Seth are just saying these things to hurt him not to make him “a better person”. Lots of Beliebers have met him and said that he is the sweetest guy ever and seeing him in person makes them an even bigger fan because they finally got to know what he’s really like. She never said that the thing with Avalanna wasn’t true, what she meant was the negative press isn’t true, not the positive. Justin has never been a douche bag & he never will be, haters just say that because they don’t have a better word to use.

  • Jala_Biebs

    Oh my God!!!! What do people want from Justin?!!! He can say that he doesn’t know anybody who likes Justin, but then who are we that beliebers, jelenators, jeliebers???? He is J-U-S-T jealous Justin, that’s all!! Because everybody would like to be succesfulled in his life, like Justin Bieber, to have many awards, having lots of fans!! Everybody!!! I’m a Belieber, but I see the truth!! No one can blame Justin, because they do what they blame on Justin. For example, crack, cigarette (that he doesn’t smoke now on.), racing cars, he is just young and he wants to live it up while he is young!! And he has the right to do this. if you don’t like it, don’r watch him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    To everyone who feels the need to bash/criticize/disrespect/bully someone through social media or ANY media for that matter needs to take a long hard look at themselves. It’s not okay. Never has been. Never will be. The fact that people get enjoyment on the demise of others, without considering the momentary or possible lasting effect it may have on that person is disgusting. And sad. Viewing the platform as having free reign to talk s*** about whoever or whatever. Not cool.

  • Gardener 57

    Seth obviously does not know that JB has been a frequent guest on the Today show and that is the host on the opening of JB’s song Maria

  • Allz

    Props to Justin for dealing with the situation in a mature way.

  • Birk

    Ha Ha Ha! In case you missed it… Justin misspelled Seth’s last name Rogen: Rogan… Now that was a diss! I think Justin did it on purpose to put Seth Rogen in his place.

  • Angelica

    Yasss Justin Yasss

  • stringbiebs

    If you don’t like Justin, don’t pay attention to him. Seth Rogen should have not said that about Justin, he should keep it to himself. Props to Justin for defending himself, if anyone’s the douchbag it’s Seth.

    • Birk

      Seth is a old douchbag/bully.