Justin Bieber & Russell Wilson Go Bowling, then Church in Seattle!


Justin Bieber hanging out with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson at church and the bowling alley on Sunday, May 4.

Justin joined Russell and some others at The City Church in Seattle to hear Pastor Judah Smith deliver his sermon.

He tweeted about his Jesus experience: “Blessed to hear one of the best @judahsmith speak today about our Lord in church today. #JesusIs.”

After the services, the group headed to Lucky Strike in Bellevue.


An eyewitness says the gang hung out in he Luxe Room while snacking on nachos, chicken bites and burgers.

Justin only likes potato skins and had the chef prepare three plates for the group. The Biebs only drank water and was a complete gentleman and signed a bowling pin.


20 thoughts on “Justin Bieber & Russell Wilson Go Bowling, then Church in Seattle!

  1. Kalani

    @lailani. I agree with everything u say. I sent naked pics of me to all the boys in my grade six class. I sort of become popular after that.

      1. jesse

        Excuse me but kalani and lailani are the same person. Lailani, stop with the naked pics. Its really desperate and slutty.

  2. believer foever bitches

    iam happy justin had fun bowing with his friends and i love you justin soooooooooo much

  3. Hannah bieber

    Awwwww I’m so proud of justin <3 kidrhaul is back !!!!!! And really ??? Kiliani why would you send every guy in your 6th grade class nudes. That's just stupid and slutty. Guys these days are thirsty. U can never trust guys these days

  4. Birk

    Justin needs to keep going to church and praying, he needs God in his life to help him choose the right path in life and to show him what type of so called friends he really has.


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