Justin Bieber Skateboarding Shirtless at Venice Beach CA – May 5

Justin Bieber at Venice Beach CAlifornia May 5 2

Justin Bieber hangout with friends at Venice Beach, LA California (May 5)

Justin Bieber Skating Venice Beach

Justin shirtless and shows off his skateboarding skills at Venice Beach CA. More pics in the gallery below:

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  • Hannah bieber

    Awwww lucky !!!!!! Justin is having lots of fun

  • Lia

    He still have his butt crack out.

  • Nicki

    Skateboarding is fun. Glad u having fun Bizzle. Luv you.

  • Nora

    Do you know where he is stayin like what hotel

    • Lailani

      Hope Justin gets some privacy

  • Lailani

    aww he looks so hot shirtless

  • rb


  • Birk

    Justin deserves to have fun, good to see he is doing just that.

  • Jbiebs2

    Omg! He is wearing proper trousers! He doesn’t have a 20-inch crotch!


    But yet u can still see his ars
    But his ars is gorgous so its alright :)

  • Belieber

    omg! he is finally wearing a belt lol. And yes I agree with you @Jbiebs2

  • #aussiebelieber

    OMGGGGG I was NO JOKE was at Venice Beach last June/July !!! I was where he was in the video of him skateboarding that he posted on Instagram !! I CANT BELIEVE IT ! Also I was there cos I went to his BELIEVE concert in LA and it was da BEST !!!!




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