Justin Bieber & Steve-O Undercover Clown Prank – VIDEO

Justin-Bieber-Steve o skating

Justin Bieber skating with Steve-O on Undercover Clown Prank – VIDEO BELOW.

From Steve-O

I was a professional circus clown before I was ever on TV, so when my buddies from 22 Jump Street asked if I could go undercover and pull pranks on people, I told them “you bet your hairy asscracks!” Then I dressed up as a clown and ran around doing whatever I felt like.

I know Justin Bieber is a polarizing character, and that lots of you will probably be pretty negative about him appearing in this video. The fact is, however, he was super cool to me, so I’m stoked on him. And that’s that. Big thanks to Justin Bieber, and big thanks to “Black Moses”, too.

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