Justin Bieber Takes Kylie Jenner to Mayweather Fight in Vegas, Breakup with Selena Again – Report says

Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner

Justin Bieber uploaded a photo onto his Instagram account posing with Kylie Jenner.

According to reports, Justin & Kylie are both staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Justin Bieber was there to support his boxing champ pal Floyd Mayweather as he defeated Marcos Maidana at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night.

Kylie Jenner revealed she was also due to be at the event, in a tweet attached to a picture that read, ‘Good times at the @hardrockhotelLV getting ready to see @FloydMayweather tonight.’


In another pic, Kylie shared another whimsical snapshot and wrote, ‘standing up in a moving vehicle to try and take a cute pic was obviously a bad idea’

Kylie, Selena & Kendall at Coachella

Kylie, Selena & Kendall at Coachella

According to UsWeekly, Selena is DONE with Justin Bieber, who she has been spotted with in the past few weeks.

Selena has ended her feud with Kylie and older sister Kendall Jenner.

She stopped following Kylie & Kendall when she thought Kylie was coming onto Justin at the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival last month.

The sources told UsWeekly: ‘Justin is out of the picture. Selena is in a positive place, taking time to focus on herself.’

  • Kristine


    • Lailani

      Hope they get back together soon. I’m like so obessed with them

      • kalina mankova

        ya me too i cant belive kylie is doing this to justin and she should get back with selena

    • Kidrauhl

      Kylie is only 16….I thought Justin would never date someone younger than him. She’s a kid and he’s an adult. He needs to hang out with Kendall instead.

      • Kris fondnazio

        Kylie is too young for justin tohang around with u should’t take a 16year old girl to a fight and allow her to stay at a hotel with u hope her . Sluutty ass didn’t sleep with him

      • Kris fondnazio

        He shouldn’t be hanging with a sixteen year old girl too young for him

      • Kris fondnazio

        The Jenner girls are bitches

  • My opinion

    I don’t think Selena and Justin broke up AGAIN because they never even were together in the first place!. What proof is there that these two even rekindled? don’t tell me it’s the dance video! that’s nothing, dancers dance all the time like that. Clear sign that Justin never got back with Selena is that he’s out mingling with the other ladies. They are probably just friends if that. People are way too obsessed with Jelena. Forget about Selena, it’s about Justin and his music, don’t lose sight of that!

  • rb

    Too be fair let’s put this in perspective. Timeline:

    • Mar 21, 2014 Selena and Kendall Jenner lunch date. Why?

    • Apr 1, 2014 Justin and Austin Mahone hit the recording studio months after Selena Gomez romance rumors. Boys talk too (speculative): Austin confides in Justin about Taylor Swift matchmaking, Selena and him dating.

    *Jan 24, 2014 Austin and Selena were seen sneaking out separately and ended in the same car together leaving the Beats Music concert. [claims she's in tears over ex Justin Bieber's new romance with Chantel Jeffries and his recent DUI arrest, it's now been alleged she's hiding a relationship with Mahone as well.]
    *May 19, 2013 at the MMA’s Selena rejects Justin back stage.
    *Jun 28, 2013 Dating rumors where sited when Austin and Selena were seen at Disneyland.

    • Apr 7, 2014 Selena makes an appearance at the Miami recording studio? “Appears drunk?” Is she afraid of Justin’s and Austin Mahone meet?

    • Apr 13, 2014 Justin makes a surprise appearance at Coachella where he reunites with Selena and were seen canoodling.

    • Apr 26, 2014 Selena unfollows Austin Mahone, and he is reportedly in tears?

    1. Justin stays in a rented pad in LA. He could have stayed with Selena?
    2. Justin is a smart man; he don’t repeat past mistakes the second time. The question is; did he intentionally set himself up for failure by making sure Selena would see those texts and sexy photos on his cell phone?
    3. Justin have openly posted pictures and videos of him and Selena only for him deleting them. Yet Selena have posted pis’s of her with other men on the web.
    4. Justin’s new picture with Kylie Jenner at the Mayeather fight? *He takes a picture with her and a friend. *It’s not a PDA picture.

    • My opinion

      Check out exposingsmg website ( you can google exposingsmg to get there ) you’ll be surprised by all the stuff that is posted. Well maybe not surprised because we all know she’s a famewh*re and i’m not even surprised she used the jenner girls for fame in order to kick off her fashion career then once she gets started she boots them.

      • Smilesometimes

        OMG I read the blog, it was so shocking, how much they could imply and it’s was so true, I was in shock, I don’t love Selena, but even after reading that I don’t hate her, I think her choices are kind of stupid, but I don’t hate or love her I guess I don’t care for her, but go to exposingsmg

    • lovejbizzel

      Can i get an amen <3

      • My opinion


      • Lailani

        How can anyone not like Justin. He’s a sweet guy.

      • Belieber

        @lovejbizzel Amen

    • Lailani

      I’m so in love with Justin and Selena

    • Lailani

      They are so good together

  • Hannah Bieber

    I have a feeling Kylie and Justin are going to be together soon

    • amyheart

      shes 16

    • My opinion

      I’m sure it’ll happen when she hits 18. Justin was 16 when he and selena were “friends”

    • Lailani

      Uh hello Kylie is 16. And she is friends with Justin get a clue

  • rj

    Well at least we know us 17 year olds have a chance and he’s willing to date and hang out with someone younger then him.

    • Lailani

      Justin does have friends that are Girls.

  • Oypa

    i hope justin will not fall i troubles because ths girl is not good person wow but i am sure that justin love selena why kylie is with jb???

    • Kris fondnazio

      I think she is an attention who’re like her bitching sister justin got pissed off at me because of her

  • Oypa

    maybe justin with her to make selena jalous

  • Nicki

    Selena is a jealous bitch. She’s mad because Justin is hanging out with Kendall & Kylie. I think that’s a good idea that Justin is hanging out with them. Justin and Kylie will make a cute couple. (Selena is jealous, and I dnt like her, I never did).

    • Lia

      I don’t even like her either after when she be dating other celebrities an now that JB became so big she can’t get over him we never thought that this would of happen is like it slip our minds.But um Im pretty sure what the media see that isn’t what they really think it is going to be.

    • Lailani

      No she’s not. She’s amazing and talented artist. I adore jelena

      • RJ


      • Lailani

        Really @RJ, stfu

  • Heather

    Look man this stupid you’all get on my nerves with this.

  • Heather

    This is a rumor everybody knows that. This is so not true they still together and have many times they be saying this,He even post a picture on Instagram of himself and Selena like really you think you could get us away with that.

    • Karla Bieber

      He posts pictures on instagram of him and other girls too does that mean they are dating also? you know it is possible to be FRIENDS without it meaning anything else.

      • Heather

        Ya but the way I see JB and Selena it looks like they are more then friends.

      • Heather

        You should look up what the Difference between couple and friends.

      • Lailani

        I so want Jelena back together

      • Heather

        Can you say anything else beside that.

  • Gabrijela

    Selena is another girl on first pic if youlook closely

    • Karla Bieber

      that’s not Selena, that’s the model.

      • Lailani

        Uh that could be Kylie you idiot

      • Karla Bieber

        hey retard, there is a 2nd girl in that picture and she’s the model!

  • sel

    Bless you all that are still Beliebers: read please: Kylie and Kendall Jenner did ambush Selena, however Justin’s new love interest is model Yovanna Ventura which are BFF’s with Kylie and Kendall Jenner. The fact is Justin was there when the ambush took place. Justin just lost me as a fan!!!
    4 Apr Yovanna Ventura was seen coming out of the Miami recording studio.
    3 May Yovanna Ventura and Justin is posing for a photo in Las Vegas.

    • Birk

      You never were a fan, so get lost already! Beliebers are here through the good and bad and will always have Justin’s back.

  • zari

    This Jelena drama is really starting to get on my nerves! If Selena isn’t ready for a relationship then she should just tell him that! She can’t keep on misleading him by acting like she loves him and then acting like she doesn’t! Selena needs to take a break from the fame think about what she wants un her life and what she doesn’t because honest I am SO DAMN TIRED OF THE DRAMA! I try to support them cause I love them together but if Justin being misleaded and he being sad all the time is the outcome..then um sorry but…Selena and the Jelena drama HAS To go!

  • Chrissy Bieber

    K guys im glad selenas gone, but what about kendall. THE BITCH IS CRAZY! She basically played harry n now justin. If they hook up im so dun kendall is too pathetic. I swear smh…

    • Lailani

      Aww, jelena are so good together

  • Lailani

    Really stupid give me a break

    • Tabitha.Morales

      jealous much?

  • Tabitha.Morales

    I don’t no what 2 say
    i am going 2 keep on texting jb
    online but not every-day

  • mrs.biebs

    i think selena is not the right person for justin, for that reason breakup just takes place between them.That also means GOD don’t want them together…
    aww it’s alright justin,u will get more beautiful n perfect girl than selena in ur life..I BELIEVE that
    so good luck for next time…

  • Tabitha.Morales

    be with selena not with those whores

  • Birk

    What happened to Kendall? It was Kendall who had a crush on Justin for years and wanted to date him. I bet Justin is with her now and just hanging out with Kylie as friends do. But I also think Kylie wants Justin for herself and will throw her sister under the bus in a second.

    • Lailani

      Jealous much idiot. Jelena are so meant for each other.

  • Noor

    These are all rumors , we don’t now if anyone of them is true so don’t jump to conclusions after all it is just a cute pic not a PDA picture they maybe just friends (i hope they are just friends , dating Kylie doesn’t seem right)

  • Lailani

    They are so adorable together. Hope they get back together

  • Silvermane

    Justin and Selena broke up because Justin released their sex tape. If he wasn’t so immature they would probably still be together. The Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sex tape is at bieberxgomez. wordpress . com (just remove the spaces).

    • Lailani

      Whatever. They don’t even have one. All lies and more rumors.

  • Boybelieber.

    Seriously, I’m tired of Selena, She’s using the Jenners sisters and Justin to get magazine’s to write about her. Justin should move on, she doesn’t deserve his love. He never released any sex-tape cuz it never existed !!! It’s fake you moron.

  • rb

    Selena had a lot of faults and so did Justin but under the cover of LOVE Justin cowardly orchestrated the ending of his relationship with Selena Gomez. In a relationship love is one and one, when you end a relationship its one on one; you don’t enlist others to do your dirty work.

    1. Mar 21, 2014 Selena and Kendall Jenner lunch date. Why? Because Justin wanted her to become friends with the Jenner’s.

    2. Apr 13, 2014 Justin makes a surprise appearance at Coachella where he reunites with Selena and were seen canoodling. My thinking is that he wanted Selena to be friends with the Jenner’s so he could use them as a cover because of his legal issues in LA.

    3. Taking Selena too the slaughter house “Justin’s rented pad,” where’s Kendall, Kylie Jenner and Justin began to unfold their plan: source accounts:
    * Justin is a smart man; he doesn’t repeat past mistakes the second time. He intentionally set himself up for failure by making sure Selena would see those texts and sexy photos on his cell phone.
    *Us Weekly reports that the Jenner’s were allegedly flirting with Justin and his crew at a party at Bieber’s rented pad and things “got messy.”

    4. Let the truth be told I actually empathize with Gomez! After seemingly cutting ties with those who disapproved of Justin — such as her parents who Gomez dropped as managers last month, and Taylor Swift who has been so open about her dislike of Bieber — it was Selena who offered solace to Justin after his Miami deposition. It was Gomez who has showed that she still cared for Justin despite numerous breakups and his very active sex life when they separated. And after publicly coming out in Texas by way of dance videos amid later news of a duet, the couple also met up in Miami, Coachella then recently in Hollywood.

    5. Rumored: The cover-up is for Justin’s new love intrest model Yovanna Ventura.


    Breaking up is not the problem that I have its how you break-up. In a relationship love is one and one, when you end a relationship its one on one; you don’t enlist others to do your dirty work, and you don’t lead your other half on…Coachella!!!

  • bieber’s sexgod

    Selena has been exposed its gd they aren’t together anymore Selena twisted everything if u don’t believe me go on exposingsmg tells u everything justin deserves better

  • zari

    *sigh* Thoughts: F#$% this drama!

  • Valerie Lin

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is better than with anyone Selena and Justin is full match

    • Bieber’s shawty

      Ouuuffff!!!! I hate JALENA

  • Bieber’s shawty

    frnds, got to hear salena using orlando bloom to make bieber jealous… Is it true??? Well, i think salena is kinda unstable,she’ll never form H-bond with guys untill n unlesss she realised it.

  • Melina

    We’ll thank God Justin is over with her…hopefully forever

    • Melina

      Hm not really a fan of Kylie though. She dresses like she’s freaking 25.