Justin Bieber Taking Yovanna Ventura to Miami Senior High School’s Prom – Rumor says

Yovanna Ventura and Justin Bieber Prom

Justin & high school senior model Yovanna Ventura.

The buzz at Miami Senior High School is that Justin Bieber will be attending the school’s prom next Friday. The rumors of JB coming to the prom hit high gear after a picture of him and Yovanna Ventura, a Miami High senior, in Las Vegas and Los Angeles last week were posted to Instagram.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: Justin Bieber attending high school prom??

A source at the school told NBC 6 that Justin has been “approved to attend.” The school’s principal and the school board say they have heard the rumors, but nothing is confirmed as of Wednesday evening.

Miami Senior High clerk Ana Jimenez tells MiaminewTimes:

My principal just told me that we can’t give you an answer if he has been approved or denied, because he hasn’t actually confirmed that he wants to go. Until we get confirmation that he wants to go, we can’t give him an answer or give anyone else an answer.

It’s just a rumor going around. It’s all verbal.

  • Lailani

    I don’t think he’ll go.

  • lokita jerkin :)

    It’s just the students in the school making up lies that’s it i highly doubt he will go to prom

  • Lailani

    Uh justin and Yovanna are friends.

  • Catrin

    I found the following sings on YouTube that say it’s justin but I’m not sure can anyone tell me if they are him here’s the list

    So fly
    So in love
    So beautiful
    Everyday love
    Love suicides
    Fairy tales
    Running youth
    Can’t let go
    Should be mine

    • SamanthaLuvsJustin

      None of them are Justin, it’s a guy named Kahlil Underwood & ppl deepen the voice to make it sound like him but it’s not. They do that just to get more views cuz I heard the song that was supposedly Heartbreaker on Kahlil’s channel & he sounded nothing like Justin. So I don’t get why ppl keep falling for it.

    • Smilesometimes

      Ik fairytales is him, it’s him ft jadent smith


    Selena Gomez’s more cute than Yovanna Ventura .

    • Lia

      Selena Gomez is not cutter than nobody else.

    • just sayin’

      really? have you see her fat crack face lately? she’s ugly as hell

    • Smilesometimes

      Why are you even bringing her up, this has nothing to do with her, this is how Helena drama starts

      • Smilesometimes



    Maybe he will go but i doubt it
    But if he does go he’ll get booed by haters or they’ll say bad things to him :(

  • rb

    BBMA 2014:
    1. Selena Gomez made sure to take a photo with designer Eli Mizrahi at the Met Gala.

    2. Look for Justin Bieber and Chantel Jeffries at the awards.

    3. Justin will be wearing a suit and tie. Reference Ryan Butler on twitter May 15th: We’re growing up. It’s time to put on suits and be men.

    4. L.A Reid hints at future JB & MJ Collaboration; I suspect that Justin will present MJ at the awards and sing “Slave To The Rhythm?”

    5. The question is: will Justin win a special award for: Jun 6, 2013 Bieber’s “Baby” is the highest certified single in history, and receives the Diamond Award on Aug 1, 2013?

  • Hannah Bieber

    He might go but i doubt it cuzz hes busy doing other thing and the students there might attack him, hurt him or boo at him. But it would be sweet if he goes

  • hobojo


  • Birk

    There would have to be extra paid security guards on hand plus police to handle the crowd of onlookers not to mention all the media and paparazzi who would crash the prom in order to get pictures of Justin.. Not to mention all the other students who would be taking pictures and flashes going off from cell phone cameras all night.. It would end up being a bad night for everyone because the attention would be all on Justin Bieber and not the prom.

  • Nicki

    That will be nice and sweet if Justin takes her to the prom. She will be really happy if he does. (Justin you should take her).