Justin Bieber Taking Yovanna Ventura to Miami Senior High School’s Prom – Rumor says

Yovanna Ventura and Justin Bieber Prom

Justin & high school senior model Yovanna Ventura.

The buzz at Miami Senior High School is that Justin Bieber will be attending the school’s prom next Friday. The rumors of JB coming to the prom hit high gear after a picture of him and Yovanna Ventura, a Miami High senior, in Las Vegas and Los Angeles last week were posted to Instagram.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: Justin Bieber attending high school prom??

A source at the school told NBC 6 that Justin has been “approved to attend.” The school’s principal and the school board say they have heard the rumors, but nothing is confirmed as of Wednesday evening.

Miami Senior High clerk Ana Jimenez tells MiaminewTimes:

My principal just told me that we can’t give you an answer if he has been approved or denied, because he hasn’t actually confirmed that he wants to go. Until we get confirmation that he wants to go, we can’t give him an answer or give anyone else an answer.

It’s just a rumor going around. It’s all verbal.

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