Justin Bieber Talks about God in Christian Rap ‘The Pledge’ Video

Justin Bieber Jesus God The Pledge Burke

Justin Bieber talks about God.

In a new rap video #iPledge by Brandon Burke, Justin candidly about his appreciation for the tenet of forgiveness in the Christian faith.

The video is part of Burke’s campaign to raise one million pledges for God.

Watch the video below:

via Brandon Burke:

Our goal through the #iPledge campaign is to raise 1 million Pledges for God. We are asking that you make a Stand for who you are and what you believe in! What do you Pledge? This campaign is in association with “The Pledge”, the first single from B. (Brandon Burke) Available on iTunes, CD Baby, GooglePlay, Amazon and More! Also on our website www.ggforgod.com. Special shoutout to lil bro Justin Bieber for his love, support, and words of insight.

  • udoh peace

    Nice one justin bieber..we all love u

  • udoh peace

    Nice on justin bieber..we all love u

  • Lailani

    He’s just amazing.

  • Justin’s Belieber

    wow! that was amazing! i loved it <3

  • Hannah Bieber

    This is truly amazing. Im really proud of Justin and I am a big christian . Good work Justin. Keep it up <3

  • Birk

    I think we all know that Justin is struggling with his faith like most young people do.. Justin’s relationship with God is something that no one can judge him for, and I hope he finds the strength to get through these tough times by relying on his faith.

  • julie

    that guy said he represents like the bloods and the cripts do???? and he says if your not on gods side your his enemy but then agrees with dorko that god forgives??? im so like “yank yank” Not to mention his “only son” must be a metephor you can’t compare to a humans son…keep lookn tho

  • julie

    most people get lost in there 20’s because they are “looking for themselves” you experiement with “who” you think you are. By 30 hopefully you relize you want the same smile and outlook like the one you had at 12..then you enjoy life because of the little things and life is hopefully bigger than you. unfortunately he is obsessed with himself so who knows what will happen. poor lad

  • Gissele

    Great job Brandon, Justin you did good i’m glad you know whats right.

  • Nicki

    Nice! He did great. Luv you.

  • william

    -__- *facepalm* i love bieber but he needs to read some books and learn how to think for himself and form intelligent, properly structured sentences.