Justin Bieber Talks about God in Christian Rap ‘The Pledge’ Video

Justin Bieber Jesus God The Pledge Burke

Justin Bieber talks about God.

In a new rap video #iPledge by Brandon Burke, Justin candidly about his appreciation for the tenet of forgiveness in the Christian faith.

The video is part of Burke’s campaign to raise one million pledges for God.

Watch the video below:

via Brandon Burke:

Our goal through the #iPledge campaign is to raise 1 million Pledges for God. We are asking that you make a Stand for who you are and what you believe in! What do you Pledge? This campaign is in association with “The Pledge”, the first single from B. (Brandon Burke) Available on iTunes, CD Baby, GooglePlay, Amazon and More! Also on our website www.ggforgod.com. Special shoutout to lil bro Justin Bieber for his love, support, and words of insight.

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