Justin Bieber to Buy LA Clippers with Floyd Mayweather & Magic J – Rumor

Justin Bieber Mayweather Magic Johnson LA Clippers

Justin Bieber has been staying in Las Vegas over the last couple of days and hanging out with boxer Floyd Mayweather amongst other people.

According to Melanie Collins, a sports reporter for Yahoo, the pair are planning to join forces, along with Magic Johnson, to buy the LA Clippers team from racist owner Donald Sterling.

In case you don’t know, A group representing NBA team owners has agreed to proceed with efforts to FORCE the sale of the LA Clippers following a heated race row.

Menalnie COllin Tweets LA CLippers

‘Just spoke to Mayweather, he told me he put in a call to Magic Johnson and had Justin over last night to discuss joint Clippers ownership,’ reads a tweet she posted Friday.

Justin and Mayweather were together as evidenced by a photo and video posted to Instagram, and he is apparently helping the undefeated boxer prepare for his bout with Marcos Maidana on Saturday.

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