Justin Bieber & Vanessa Hudgens Worshipping at Hillsong Church in L.A -VIDEO

Justin Bieber Vanessa Hudgen CHurch

Vanessa Hudgens meeting Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Mallette at Hillsong Church in L.A (May11).

Here’s some eye witnesses:

@heyitsmayra: Just got back from the official launching of church. What a blessing it was&so great that Justin Bieber & Vanessa Hudgens were there!

@hect_oorr_whaa: Last nite was Amazing at Hillsong L.A! A true Blessing! Not to mention Vanessa Hudgens n Justin Bieber were worshiping under the same roof!hes the one in the white T in the front :0! #Hillsongla #Worship #Blessed #PraiseGod

@prynceofangelz: Getting my praise on! I look to my right nd i see @justinbieber than I look further right I see @VanessaHudgens!

Watch VIDEO BELOW: Justin hugging Vanessa.

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