Justin Bieber’s Debit Cards & Driver’s License UP for Auction


Justin Bieber’s driver license and two debit cards are up for grabs in an online auction.

California-based iCollector.com is offering Justin’s Georgia driver’s license, Visa debit card from Wells Fargo and MasterCard debit card from SunTrust.

The address on the driver’s license is the Atlanta office of TSG Financial Management. Issued in 2011 and expired in 2013, the license lists Justin as 5’7″ height and 122 lbs weight.

The bidding starts at $50 and the vendor has valued the collection at between $500 and $700.

The cards come with the gold-coloured Pink+Dolphin zip pouch in which they were reportedly found.

“This incredible collection also comes with a Letter of Provenience from the original finder,” the website boasts.

Beliebers hoping to go on a spending spree with Justin’s debit cards shouldn’t bother bidding. The auction site notes that the cards have been deactivated.

If you’re still interested, click here to bid.

Item Description:
Justin Bieber Wallet With His Personal Drivers License & Credit Card The ultimate amazing one-of-a-kind unique Justin Bieber collectable! Justin’s actual personal Driver’s License, and one of his personal Credit Cards. These were found enclosed in Justin’s personal “Pink+Dolphin” wallet-pouch, at the Staples Center in the VIP room after one of Justin’s concerts in 2012. A friend of one of the security detail, named Jesse, was visiting, when he saw Justin appear in the room and immediately being rushed by some of his fans, jump up on a table causing his wallet to pop out of his jacket. He then jumped down and fled the room. When the crowd cleared, Jesse went over to the table, and found the wallet on the floor. Inside it contained Justin’s Georgia Driver’s License (Georgia became his headquarters when Raymond Braun Media Group signed him originally), along with his personal Platinum Debit Card from Wells Fargo Bank with Justin Bieber’s name on it. Many attempts were made by Jesse to try to get these back to Justin, who had left the Center before the wallet was retrieved, to no avail. Two months later Jesse was walking in Hollywood and saw Justin’s famous silver Fisher Karma sports car parked outside a club. Once again he approached Justin’s security people about the wallet, but they said, basically, just keep it! To double authenticate these special Justin memorabilia, a few years later, Jesse was asked to show the wallet and special ID’s on the Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ. They come in Justin’s original personal found high-end “Pink+Dolphin” faux alligator wallet-pouch. This incredible collection also comes with a Letter of Provenience from the original “finder”. Please note that the credit card has been deactivated. These pieces are for display only and can not be used in any way as identification.

Auction Location:
128 Sierra Street, El Segundo, California, 90245, United States

Via iCollector.

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