L.A. Reid Hints At Future Justin Bieber & Michael Jackson Collaboration -VIDEO

Justin Bieber LA Reid Michael Jackson

Island Def Jam & Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid sits down with Access Hollywood (May12) to talk about Michael Jackson’s second posthumous album “Xscape.”

Why didn’t Justin Bieber’s version of “Slave 2 The Rhythm” make it on the album? And, will fans hear Justin Bieber singing with MJ on future tracks?


Michael Jackson’s “Xscape” released on May 13, 2014.

  • Lia

    I don’t think nobody wouldn’t like that idea cause he is nothing like MJ and MJ doesn’t even act like him.

    • Kadia Chamime

      I agree with you # Lia

  • Heather

    If he a big Celebrity I don’t mention him as MJ “the king of pop” just because you see crowed of fans it got nothing to do with that.

  • Oypa

    i love the idea because ther a lot of celebrity do that and i love this song alos

  • Belieber

    that would be cool

  • Nicki


  • Hannah Bieber

    I wonder why slave to the rhythm didnt make it on the album. I don’t like MJ but I think it would be nice for Justin to collaborate with his idol. I wish Michael was still alive tho so he could know about this

  • Lalani

    Justin is just amazing and so hot.

  • lambor500S

    I am surprise that slave 2 the rhythm feat. Justin Bieber did not make it on the Xscape album. Because, it sounds good. If, you want to hear it just go to youtube and type in the song and feat. Justin Bieber

    • Birk

      I think it was taken off YouTube due to copyright.. But you still find it on Soundcloud.

  • rb

    Maybe after this collaboration it would be time to put the old king of POP too rest and Justin carry the touch as the new king of POP.

  • rb

    This collaboration would have had to been approved by the Jackson family. L.A. Reid he pacifically stated that he sighed Justin Bieber which would be the seal of approval of the Jackson family. it would be time to put the old king of POP too rest and Justin carry the touch as the new king of POP


    King of Pop is Justin Bieber !

  • aleena

    Justin isn’t the “king of pop” but he sure is the “prince of pop”

  • rj

    As much as I love Justin Bieber, no one or anybody in a life time could ever compare to Michael Jackson. He is history and a legend. Nobody could ever take his title KING OF POP. He earned it and killed every stage he went on and I mean every lol.

    • wow

      Amen my friend

  • Birk

    So according to Justin’s boss; L.A. Reid if that track was not leaked it would have ended up on this new MJ album.. That’s too bad because I really like the Slave to the rhythm track with Justin and MJ.. Well I guess there will be another collaboration to look forward to coming up with Justin and MJ.

  • rb

    No one is comparing JB to MJ, and of taking away his title as KING OF POP. MJ is certainly not GOD! However MJ’s generation has past by his passing. There’s always room for a new KING OF POP for this generation. A title is just a title, and if it is deserved then let it be so. NOTE: If there’s no living king then the prince becomes the king.

    • Jess

      There can only be one King of pop and that will always be Michael Jackson.

      • wow

        She doesn’t understand music …those titles last forever smh

  • hollie

    No one can ever compare to MJ or fill his shoes. His music was original and justin is no where comparable but he makes good music, just not MJ status.