Lorde Loves Justin Bieber’s New Song ‘Looking For You’


Lorde bestows high praise on Justin Bieber’s surprise new song “Looking For You” featuring Atlanta rap trio, Migos. The Grammy winner singer described it as “truly great” and “truly transcendent.”

Listen “Looking for you.” AUDIO LYRICS

The 17-year-old New Zealand star, who is currently on tour, took to Twitter on Saturday to share her unequivocal praise for the R&B banger that’s got everybody talking. “fffffuck this new bieber “looking for you” is truly great. That prechorus melody is truly transcendent.”

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Lorde isn’t alone in showing love to Justin’s unexpected pair-up with on fire ATL trio Migos.

The Rolling Stone wrote that the track showed the “singer continues to mature musically.” XXL named it one of its best songs of the week, while Revolt TV noted Justin’s “consistently amazing [ability] at making R&B-accented hip-hop anthems.”

  • Najat

    <3 he is the best

  • #1belieber

    Yay for Justin1 I sure hope this covers the fight at the club drama.

  • Hannah bieber

    It’s about time she said something nice about him

  • Belieber

    That’s good

  • william hyde

    she’s obviously being sarcastic. the lyrics are meaningless, narcissistic and demeaning to women. Basically everything she said she was against.

    • Lailani

      I do hope Justin gets a Grammy

    • Lailani

      She can change for the better you know.

    • Birk

      What makes you think that Lorde doesn’t listen to hip hop music herself?? Many artists male and female in hip hop use lyrics like this.. Don’t confuse morality with artistic freedom. Those lyrics you object to strongly to are sung by the rap group Migos, so take your indignation out on them, and while you’re at the entire urban music community!

  • Maulik

    wonderful song JB I like it……….

  • Nicki


  • Susie

    Lorde looks pretty in that picture.And I’m NOT just saying that because she likes Justin’s song! ( I know that thought went through your head…) ;P