Photobombed by Justin Bieber, Utah Man Speaks Up – VIDEO


A Utah man received some unexpected publicity from Justin Bieber while he was in New York City.

Jeff Ostler was waiting for his sister in a New York City hotel chair when he decided to take a quick nap. When he opened his eyes, a few people were right in front of him.

Jeff tells KSL:

They were kind of smiling. I could tell they were up to something. I figured they’d taken a picture. I thought my mouth might be open or something.

It was right then I said, “Oh, that was Justin Bieber.”

Fifteen minutes later, I get a phone call on my cell phone from my son here in Utah. And he said, “Hey dad, how are you feeling? Are you tired? How was your nap on the chair?”

Some girl at his school had texted it to him and said, “Is this your dad?”.

It’s crazy, it’s fun. The kids love it.

Since JB posted the picture on May 16, Jeff’s picture immediately went viral. It has received over a million likes on Instagram and over 50,000 favorites and over 44,000 retweets on Twitter.


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